Motorola SL7000e Series Radios for Hospitality and Retail Industries in Dallas

Motorola MOTOTRBO SL7000e Series for Dallas Hospitality and Retail

Hospitality and retail are fast-paced industries that need to stay connected in order to serve customers promptly. The Motorola MOTOTRBO SL7000e series in Dallas has lightweight, easy-to-use, reliable two-way radios to help your business meet and exceed your customer demands.

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Increase Productivity in Hospitality and Retail in Dallas

With its compact design and slim features, the Motorola SL7000e radio has been proven to help customer-facing industries like hospitality and retail in Dallas. This communication is reliable enough to reach from the store entrance to the back stock room. These radios are also light enough to not weigh down employees who are constantly on their feet.

Approximately the size of a smartphone, the Motorola SL7000e is ideal for professionals on the go. To take productivity even further, users of two-way radios for retail stores in Dallas are pairing their Motorola SL7000e series radios with wireless Bluetooth audio earpieces. Examples of employees benefiting from hands-free devices include:

  • Chefs controlling timing for food orders without ever leaving their station
  • Hotel staff can help guests with their luggage while simultaneously checking with the front desk to ensure their room is ready 
  • Front-of-house restaurant managers coordinating seating arrangements for large parties or catered events, eliminating long waits for paying customers
  • Security teams communicating concerns to keep staff and customers safe
  • Parking attendants and valet staff providing prompt delivery for valued guests

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Easy-to-Use Interface for All Levels of Staff

With a clear color display and full keypad to support applications, the Motorola SL7000e radios are designed for industries with high turnover and holiday seasons. Integrated Wi-Fi allows for over-the-air software updates so that managing your radio fleet is simple and streamlined.

Customizable display schemes allow your management team to easily take advantage of monitoring features, such as:

  • Work order ticketing
  • Indoor location tracking
  • Text messaging and Text-To-Speech
  • Voice announcements
  • Integrated accelerometer for Man Down feature
  • Emergency Search Tone
  • Lone Worker feature

The Motorola SL7000e series helps your staff make the most of their workday. Voice Announcement and Text-to-Speech allow you to interact hands-free. Scan functions also keep you in touch with multiple teams.

The solutions from the Motorola MOTOTRBO SL7000e series in Dallas can help your organization. Your business is unique, and we tailor our solutions to your needs.

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Eliminate Downtime With Clear Communication

With most staff members in the hospitality and retail industries working on their feet for long periods of time, internal communication is difficult. Some of the major challenges include:

  • Irregular hours eliminating centralized communication meetings
  • No access to computers while on shift
  • Low retention rates
  • Distractions from personal devices
  • Security risks from social media
  • High turnover and seasonal positions
  • Ongoing staff training
  • High costs associated with hiring new employees

With most employees in hospitality and retail not having access to a computer on shift, radios become a prime tool for communication in fast-paced industries. Getting information out fast and clearly can help your employees improve their job performance, and tackle issues head-on.

MOTOTRBO radios use noise-cancellation technology for superb audio quality. Intelligent Audio automatically regulates radio volume in response to the noise level in the background. So, your staff members never need to handle their radio as they walk by a crowd at the hotel pool into the back office.

Plus, a vibrate function subtly alerts you to messages, and a wide range of discrete audio accessories keep you in touch without disturbing surrounding customers.

MOTOTRBO radios function in both analog and digital modes. Migrate your voice and data communications at your own pace. You can use the tools of your current analog radio system and shift to digital technology when you’re ready.

With Dallas Motorola two-way radios, your hospitality or retail business can rely on communication solutions that outperform all others. For a complete list of Motorola SL7000e Series specifications, data sheets, and brochures, browse our website.

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