A Complete Guide to Two-Way Radio IP Ratings

When searching for the best two-way radio system for your team, it may be difficult to determine what IP rating suits your work environment the best. Below is a brief explanation of how Motorola’s IP ratings can help you find the best wireless communications solution for your operation.

What Are IP Waterproof Ratings?

Before tackling what IP ratings are, we should first explain what IP stands for. The commonly used term IP rating stands for Ingress Protection rating, which refers to the level of seal that an electrical device has.

IP ratings are valuable when selecting a two-way radios, especially when your business often exposes your equipment to tougher environments. By being aware of the Motorola IP rating necessary for your business, you can better invest your money into a system that will last your workforce for years.

How Do IP Ratings Chart Work?

IP Ratings are always two digits, each digit refers to a different kind of protection that the device has. The first digit indicates the degree of intrusion protection, which is the device’s protection against foreign objects affecting the efficiency of the device’s performance. The second digit represents the device’s moisture protection which, simply enough, refers to the device’s protection from drips, sprays, submersion, and other forms of moisture. While there are many IP ratings that exist for electrical appliances, the most common two-way radio IP ratings are broken down below for easy reference when trying to choose what Motorola device IP rating is best suited for your team.


As mentioned above, a two-way radio IP rating is made up of two numbers that indicate two types of protection. For IP54, the ‘5′ indicates that the device is protected against dust that could harm the equipment. This is the second-highest degree of protection that the device could get. The ‘4’ in this Motorola MotoTRBO Radio IP rating that can be found on equipment represents that the device would be protected from splashes of water from all directions.


An IP55 two-way radio IP rating offers slightly more durability in your work environment. Similar to the previous Motorola IP rating commonly found, this number indicates that the device is protected against dust. The ‘5’ differs for the second rating, offering slightly more protection to the degree that low-pressure jets from all directions would not harm the device.


This Motorola IP rating can be useful for your business if you’re looking for a device that is, for the most part, protected from dust, but also offers protection against powerful water jets from all directions. This particular trait is indicated by the ‘6’ in the IP rating, while the dust protection is indicated by the first digit.


Many businesses look to Motorola products with a specific IP rating, some of which are searching for a high level of moisture protection due to their harsh work environments. For this particular two-way radio IP rating, you will experience protection against temporary immersion, as indicated by the second number, combined with the protection from dust that could harm the device.


The IP67 Motorola IP rating indicates to a buyer and user that the device is entirely dustproof, as represented by the ‘6’ rating. The ‘7’ offers the second highest degree of protection against waterproof, the two-way radio IP rating that your radio system is protected against temporary immersion.


This Motorola IP rating can be useful for your business if you’re looking for a device that is completely dustproof but also offers protection against prolonged immersion in water, as indicated by the ‘8’ which is the highest moisture protection rating available.

Why Motorola IP Ratings Are Good For Your Team

When searching for a digital two-way radio system, IP ratings can help you as the buyer be confident that the two-way radio is safe for your industry and work environment. Motorola IP ratings allow you to determine with certainty exactly what your device is capable of withstanding, both for objects, dust, and moisture.

Rather than relying on frequently used claims such as ‘waterproof’ or ‘weatherproof’ a two-way radio IP rating lets you can gain a clearer picture of more than just moisture. It will detail how the device interacts with the compounding factors of moisture, pressure, length of exposure, and immersion.

Two-Way Radios with Suitable IP Ratings

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