Two-Way Radio Dealers For Your Industry

Aerowave Technologies services a wide range of business and government customers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, and North Texas. Our mission is to help each of our customers make key improvements in the following areas as the result of our customized two-way radio solutions:

  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Safety
  • Customer Service

We can do all of this while reducing the costs of your wireless communications efforts and avoiding unnecessary delays from things like endless phone tag, sending and receiving text messages or checking voicemails. We can provide you with tools for instant, reliable, and affordable radio communications.

Our primary line of products to help you achieve this goal are part of the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Digital Radio System. With these radios, we can help businesses and agencies in the following fields and industries reach new organizational goals.


Build Your Custom Two-Way Radio Solution

Our radio systems are ideally suited to meet the needs of Blue and Grey collar industries. We specialize in customizing our Motorola radio systems to meet the unique needs of your business to ensure you have all of the tools your team needs to take your voice and data communications to the next level.

As the Premier Motorola Solutions Channel Partner in Dallas, Fort Worth and Waco Texas, we are uniquely positioned to work with you to create a communications solution for your business designed to help you meet your current objectives and poised to grow with you as your business grows and your communications needs evolve.

Whether you’re a small, independent organization or a large-scale operation we offer communications solutions that provide the following features:

  • Crystal clear communication with noise-reducing technology
  • Radios in a variety of sizes to fit perfectly with the needs of each team
  • Flexible choice of batteries and accessories
  • Advanced safety features and options to improve overall worker safety and emergency response for your business

Are you ready to take your communications to the next level? Aerowave Technologies is here to help. Contact us today to learn about the different industries we serve and how we can help your North Texas business with your specific communications challenges by creating a customized two-way radio solution for your business.

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