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AARLN4885 Receive-Only Covered Earbud

An earphone jack located on the head of the remote speaker microphone allows the user to receive audio when using this earpiece. The covered earbud solution is a simple…

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EHM19 C-Style Detachable Earpiece with In-line PTT and Microphone (Black)

Ergonomically designed C style detachable earpiece with in-line PTT and microphone ideal for covert communication (Black)

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FVP-25 Encryption Unit – Band Inversion

Add band inversion encryption and DTMF paging to your radio for added security over voice transmission. Keeps conversations private within your system.

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HKLN4606 Remote Speaker Microphone

This compact remote speaker microphone easily clips onto a shirt or collar, allowing you to speak and listen without having to reach for your radio.

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HKN9055 Replacement Cable For PR860, HT And MTX Radio RSMs

This replacement cable is for Remote Speaker Microphones that work with the HT and MTX series, and the PR860.

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HMN9051 Remote Speaker Microphone

This compact remote speaker microphone is a water-resistant unit that allows talking and listening without removing the radio from the belt or case. It has a coiled…

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HSN8145 External 7.5 Watt Speaker for High-Noise Environments

Outmuscle noise in loud conditions and rugged situations with Motorola’s external speakers. This 7.5W external speaker gives you an extra audio boost in your vehicle.

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INC (Industrial Noise Canceling) Remote Speaker Microphone, Submersible

Unleash the power of Motorola’s Industrial Noise Canceling (INC) Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) and be heard above all noise. Whether you’re in a mill or a…

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MH-66F4B Rugged speaker microphone

Reduce background noise with this noise cancelling, rugged, high performance Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM). With a 360 degree mounting clip, the RSM can be adjusted…

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MH-67A8J Standard Microphone

This standard mobile microphone provides Push-To-Talk (PTT) functionality to control a mobile radio or base station/repeater. The multi-pin connection keeps the…

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MH-75A8J DTMF Keypad Microphone (16 keys)

Mobile microphone for Vertex Standard transeivers with a 16 digit DTMF keypad. It allows the user to initiate a phone call using the 10 digit keys. There are an…

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MH-90A4B Compact Speaker Microphone

Compact Speaker Microphone easily fits on a jacket label, placing audio next to the users ear. The PPT is conveniently located so the user can operate without needing…

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