AeroBOX Emergency Alert System

If safety is a huge concern for your organization, AeroBOX might be part of the perfect solution to deliver peace of mind and safety for your organization in the city of Dallas. AeroBOX is an excellent add-on wireless emergency alert system solution for educational institutions, college campuses, manufacturing plants, and warehouse and can be customized to meet very specific requirements.


Broadcast Alerts To All Locations At Once With AeroBOX Dallas Emergency Alert System

The AeroBOX Emergency Alert System in Dallas is just that. It’s an emergency alert system allowing you to broadcast alerts across your locations. This helps your entire team stay safe and secure in the event of evacuations, weather events, or security issues. These are some of the features that make AeroBOX an ideal choice for Dallas emergency alert broadcasts:

  • Broadcast information in a single location or across multiple locations
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy access to hardware for repairs, testing, and upgrades
  • Backup battery system for seamless notifications even when power is out

Think of all the occasions that may warrant emergency alerts to go out on campus, in a warehouse, or in a refinery. AeroBOX keeps everyone aware and can be used to signal an all-clear message when it is safe to resume. Some situations where AeroBOX is ideal include:

  • Weather-related emergencies, like tornadoes
  • Fires and emergency evacuationsWorkplace accidents
  • Medical emergencies
  • Active shooter situations

The key is that everyone needs to have access to receive emergency alerts quickly when events like those occur. No one needs to retrieve a phone, mobile device, or radio to get the message. It alerts from all boxes on your campus or facility simultaneously notifying everyone inside and out about the emergency that’s underway and providing instructions for how to proceed. In any emergency, seconds can save lives.

Let Aerowave Technologies help you customize an emergency alert and notification system designed to cover every corner of your campus, factory, warehouse, refinery, or workplace. We bring 20 years of experience serving the business communications and safety needs of Dallas and North Texas. We can help you bring peace of mind to your employees and management staff with AeroBOX.

Contact us today to learn about the many ways Aerowave Technologies can help your Dallas, Waco, and Fort-Worth business, school, or organization improve safety and productivity.

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