Two-Way Radios for Oil Rigs & Gas Operations

There’s no denying the impact the oil and gas industries have had on people throughout the state of Texas. A large number of people live and work in the Dallas, Texas area, along with more than a few businesses that operate in and serve this industry. Aerowave Technologies understands the vital role oil and gas have played in the local landscape and will continue to play for years to come.

Our mission is to help you operate more efficiently, increase production throughout your organization, and improve safety for all. We believe our voice and data communications solutions can help boost your operation no matter what your needs may be. We understand that every industry, business, and organization is unique and so are your needs when it comes to wireless communications equipment.

Fortunately for you, we offer a wide range of customizable high-performance Motorola products and solutions to make sure your needs are met.


Choosing the Right Dallas Two-Way Radios for Oil Rigs & Gas Operations

Safety is a critical concern for workers in the oil and gas industries. The use of MOTOTRBO two-way digital radios and Dallas radio systems for your operations allows you to take advantage of key safety features that can mean the difference in life and death for your workers, such as:

  • Instant emergency notifications with the press of a button and emergency features like Man Down and Lone Worker to keep workers safe
  • Long battery life made even longer with IMPRES battery technology
  • AEROBox Emergency Alert System

Our Motorola two-way radios for oil rigs in Dallas also offer sound-enhancing technologies that reduce background noises while enhancing voice communications for crystal clear audio, whether you’re managing major emergencies or simply sending organization-wide communications.

Build Your Custom Two-Way Radio Solution

Critical Data for Dallas Oil and Gas Companies

Site coverage is also important to oil and gas businesses. Whether your people are working in the Gulf, in a plant, or on the road traveling between locations, we can help you create an effective communications system that connects everyone. Through AEROLink, we offer PC-based solutions that allow your organization to exchange information and data between computers and two-way radios:

  • GPS tracking information
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Critical data for evolving work conditions or emergencies

In a world where information is one of the most precious resources, our systems give your people access to data that can ensure safety, improve productivity and avert certain disasters.

Contact Aerowave Technologies today to learn more about how we can improve communications for your oil and gas organization with a customized solution to meet your needs—and doesn’t break the bank. We even offer rental radios to help you accommodate periods of peak need. Put our experience to work, creating a communications solution that delivers results when it comes to safety and productivity.

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