Government Two-Way Radios for Public Works

Public works personnel keep communities running by working diligently behind the scenes to handle a wide range of maintenance, infrastructure, and utility needs for city governments. From streets and sanitation employees to those who dispatch city fleets, effective communication is critical for keeping local governments operating throughout Texas. Aerowave Technologies provides innovative wireless communications solutions across North Texas that help your people improve overall safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Build Your Custom Two-Way Radio Solution

Choosing the Right Dallas Government Two-Way Radios for Your Public Works Department

Your role is to build better communities through maintenance and construction infrastructure. People within your organization who could benefit from a voice and data communications upgrade include personnel working in any of the following capacities:

  • Road crews
  • Water treatment employees
  • City maintenance workers
  • Community planners and developers
  • Sanitation employees
  • Dispatch managers

Our certification as a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner enables us to offer you a wide range of Motorola MotoTRBO digital two-way radios for government in Dallas to help you keep your people connected at all times.

Why are Two-Way Radios Powered by Aerowave Technologies so Effective?

One of the main benefits for adopting two-way radios for communication with your team is the fact that you’re able to instantly connect with a single person, one department, or your entire organization with the press of a button. Other benefits of Motorola Digital Radios, include the following:

  • Wide area radio system connectivity on your own system or Aerowave’s Wide Area Network
  • GPS location capabilities to ease dispatch and so you always know where your teams are
  • Emergency features, like Lone Worker and Man Down, ensure the safety of your teams
  • 24/7 emergency response services and outstanding maintenance agreements
  • Long-lasting battery life with the ability to extend talk-time with Motorola IMPRES batteries, backup batteries, and mobile charging options
  • Wide selection of radios offering varying degrees of durability, rugged designs, ergonomic design features, and discrete usage capabilities
  • Full suite of accessories that make the radios even more useful in a variety of settings

There’s a lot of incentive to switch to Motorola Digital Radios and Aerowave Technologies can assist you in creating the communications solutions that meet your needs to get the most from your investment.

Aerowave Technologies understands how vital effective communications is to the seamless operations of public works organizations. We will work with you to create a communications solution for your organization that helps you accomplish more including increasing productivity without sacrificing safety. Contact us today to learn more about the unique communications solutions we can offer your public works organization.

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