Construction Two-Way Radios

Push. Talk. Dallas Construction Two-Way Radios Are That Simple.

Construction is big business in Dallas, and two-way radio communication solutions need to be wide-reaching and able to stand up to the rough conditions of a construction site. You have an essential role to play by building and enhancing our communities and our goal is to keep your team connected, ensuring safety, improving efficiency and boosting team communications. We understand the challenging work you do and the risks you take, and we want to help make your jobs a little easier.


Connecting Dallas Construction Companies

Dallas construction companies are facing increasing competition and decreasing profit margins. We understand that every penny matters when bidding on construction projects. We can help you create customized communications solutions designed to meet your specific needs for every project.

A Dallas radio communications system is a smart investment. An effective system will increase the safety and productivity of your team. Aerowave Technologies can create a custom system of communications equipment to help your construction company:

  • Finish projects on tighter schedules
  • Improve efficiency on worksites
  • Dispatch employees more effectively
  • Help your team be safer on the job
  • Reduce your costs

Build Your Custom Two-Way Radio Solution

The Right Tools for the Job

Just as you need the right tools for your construction projects, you need to have the right tools to communicate more effectively on the job. Aerowave can create a wireless communications solution for your North Texas construction business equipped with Motorola radios designed for the rugged environment of a construction site. This include features like:

  • Extended battery life to ensure safety on long shifts
  • Waterproof, to survive inclement weather
  • Ruggedized and durable radios that can withstand a few whacks
  • Hands-free communication options, so users can stay safe and focused on the job at hand
  • Noise-canceling features, for excellent audio quality

Construction companies in the Waco, Dallas and Fort-Worth area can use the Aerowave Wide Area Radio System with GPS tracking to stay on target with your people, the latest data and information, and the costly construction equipment in use throughout the city.

It doesn’t matter which of the following construction businesses you work in, we can create a solution designed just for you:

  • Bridge and Road construction
  • Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC
  • Building construction
  • Excavation Contractors

In addition to the large selection of Dallas construction two-way radios and equipment we offer for sale, we also offer rental radios and systems for businesses that need to job cost devices for projects or day-to-day operations.

We understand construction companies come in all sizes and we offer total voice and data communications solutions that are scalable for your specific needs. Contact Aerowave Technologies today to learn more about the construction communications solutions we offer and how they can help you grow your profits while improving safety.

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