Solutions From Aerowave Two-Way Radio Suppliers

When it comes to wireless communications solutions for businesses throughout the Dallas and North Texas, Aerowave Technologies offers a one-stop-shop for all the solutions your organization needs. Regardless of your industry, whether you work in a single location, or if your operations are spread out over a large area, or across the country, we offer a wide range of systems designed specifically to meet your needs.


Motorola Solutions Offered By Our Dallas Two-Way Radio Suppliers

Aerowave Technologies is proud of the close relationship we have with Motorola. As a leading Motorola Solutions Channel Partner in Dallas, we offer a wide range of Motorola radio systems and products, including a Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radios that are designed for your requirements today but can also grow with your business.

Build Your Custom Two-Way Radio Solution

We understand that every organization is unique, and you have different roles and different requirements for each radio. We have small and lightweight radios designed for light-duty use suitable for:

  • Hotel front of house staff
  • Managers
  • Retail associates
  • Teachers and other educational assistants
  • Healthcare staff

Plus, rugged and durable models suited for the following fields:

  • Construction
  • Maintenance and Grounds staff
  • Security staff and Public Safety Professionals
  • Warehouse and Transportation employees
  • Public Works and Utilities field staff
  • Oil and Gas

Not only does our selection of quality Motorola two-way radios offer a variety of features designed for increased usability, but they also offer equipment and options that are appealing to different industries, such as:

  • Extended battery life
  • GPS location tracking
  • Advanced safety features
  • Text messaging
  • Data communications
  • Accessories designed to improve usability and effectiveness

Here are some of the solutions we offer organizations to operate effectively and safely each day:

  • Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio Systems. Leading commercial-grade digital radio communications systems that are scalable to meet the needs of organizations of every size.
  • Hytera Radios. Another source of quality radios frequently used in hospitality, healthcare, education, and manufacturing industries.
  • Inbuilding Coverage. Provides better radio, cellular, and public safety radio communications within your building(s).
  • AeroLINK. PC based solution that allows GPS, text, and email message access via two-way radios.
  • AeroBOX. A wall-mounted solution for emergency notifications that offers two-way communications capabilities.
  • Radio rentals. Affordable solution for short or long-term projects allowing the use of radio communications without requiring organizations to purchase equipment.
  • Wide Area Radio System. Digital radio system covering the entire Dallas area for commercial and government communications.

Aerowave Technologies is a female-owned, HUB-certified two-way radio supplier in Dallas that has been meeting the communications needs of North Texas for over 20 years. Contact us today to learn more about our custom communications solutions and what we have to offer your business.

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