Two-Way Radios for Events & Recreation

Recreational businesses throughout Dallas often need to cover a lot of ground with their team communications. Aerowave Technologies specializes in wireless communication solutions that are reliable and accomplish what you need to do to operate more productively, safely, and profitably.

This includes businesses, such as:

  • Golf courses
  • Theme parks
  • Recreation centers and Pools
  • Concert venues
  • Tourist attractions, like public parks, museums, and monuments
  • Sports stadiums and arenas
  • Race tracks

We understand that each recreation business and special event faces unique challenges, requirements, and desires from your communications system. We’ll work with you to create a unique solution specifically designed to meets your needs and improve your bottom line.

Build Your Custom Two-Way Radio Solution

Choosing the Right Dallas Two-Way Radios for Events & Recreation

Different workers have different roles and want different types of radio equipment to help them do their jobs better. Grounds crews and maintenance personnel need heavy-duty radio equipment designed for rough treatment and exposure to water, wind, dirt, and dust. People who work in customer service, on the other hand, need equipment that is lightweight, easily portable, and allows discrete radio communications.

No matter what, you need a radio that stays on for an entire shift. Many of the MotoTRBO digital two-way radios for events in Dallas have long-lasting IMPRES batteries. The primary consideration for radios depends on the job, which is why Aerowave Technologies can help you pick the right radio for the task at hand. There are multiple departments who are benefitting from improved voice and data communication, including:

  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Catering
  • Management
  • Customer service
  • Grounds crews
  • Parking attendants
  • Emergency services

We even offer rental radios to help with coverage for large events that happen once or twice a year, like concerts, major races, golf tournaments or seasonal events.

Why Aerowave Technologies?

At Aerowave Technologies, we understand the unique communications needs of recreation organizations in Dallas because we’ve been doing this for over 20 years. We’re proud to work with partners like Motorola to provide communications solutions throughout North Texas.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your recreation organization improve safety, productivity, and profits by improving your communications solutions.

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