Motorola Radios for Dallas Hospitality

It takes a lot of different people working together to create an exceptional hospitality experience. Aerowave Technologies can help your Dallas hospitality team communicate more effectively, driving improved customer experiences, greater productivity, and a better overall sense of teamwork within your organization.

Think of all the people who work together to provide your guests with exceptional experiences day after day. This includes:

  • Hotel management
  • Security
  • Front desk staff
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Catering staff
  • Conference staff
  • Parking attendants or valet staff

When people in these departments can communicate more effectively, with the touch of a single button, your entire organization becomes more productive and profitable.

How can Aerowave Technologies Improve Your Communications Experience?

You may be operating a small boutique hotel or a large chain of hotels, either way you have unique and specific communications needs. Aerowave Technologies works with you to identify those needs and then creates a communications solution that addresses every one of them. Then we create customized solutions that address some of your most pressing problems, including:

  • Tailored equipment requirements from front of house staff, maintenance and security personnel.
  • Campus-wide communications capabilities including inbuilding coverage with BDA and DAS systems
  • Capacity Max that allows staff to communicate instantly via mobile phones, computers, and two-way radios
  • Long battery life to keep communications open through multiple shifts
  • Text messaging capability
  • One button access to communication with groups or individuals

Whether you’re using two-way radios to communicate between different departments or using Capacity Max to facilitate communications between properties, we offer a wide range of equipment and services to help your entire team communicate more effectively.

Why Aerowave Technologies?

We’ve been serving the communications needs of Texas businesses, including those located in Waco, Dallas, and Fort-Worth area for nearly 20 years. We’re a locally owned, female owned business that understands the unique needs area businesses in the hospitality industry face.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your hotel or hospitality industry business improve your productivity with a completely customized communications solution from Aerowave Technologies.

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