Motorola Radios for Dallas Utilities

Power, gas, cable, hydro-energy, even municipal public works organizations, you all have one thing in common: the need for easy access to instant communication. It’s essential to stay on top of the needs of the communities you serve. Aerowave Technologies understands this need and has a wide range of communications solutions for utility organizations available, including completely personalized, custom-created solutions designed for your organization.

Special Concerns for Utility Company Communications

North Texas weather is unpredictable, being both brutal and beautiful. The people who work in utilities are often working in harsh conditions. When disaster strikes these workers are on the front line, working to restore power, order, and peace of mind. Because they are out in the elements, they need specialized communications equipment that can handle a variety of extremes such as:

  • Heavy rain storms
  • Extremely windy and dusty conditions
  • Drops and bumps in a variety of situations
  • On occasion, snow and ice

Our relationship with Motorola allows us to offer the latest MotoTRBO digital radios to you, including radios that have been ruggedized to handle the absolute worst weather North Texas can throw your way.

More importantly, MotoTRBO radios offer many advanced features, including:

  • Long battery life: Many MotoTRBO radios come with IMPRES batteries and we also offer mobile charging and extra batteries to extend talk-time when you have people working long hours
  • Emergency safety features: including emergency notifications, Man Down, and Lone Worker
  • GPS tracking capabilities to aid in dispatch and to locate workers quickly in emergency situations

We offer fleet ready communications including Wide Area Motorola Digital Radio Systems and the Aerowave Wide Area System for Dallas. Another service we offer is rental radios. These radios can be critical when coordinating additional manpower called in to address system upgrades or widespread outages.

Why Aerowave Technologies?

Aerowave Technologies is dedicated to meeting your communications needs through our wide-ranging lineup of products, services, and accessories. nearline addition to 20 years of experience in the industry, we continuously strive to add new skills, products, and services to our lineup.

Contact us today to learn more about the wide range of services we have to offer your utility company and how we can create a customized communications solution for your organization that meets the needs of executives in the offices and the men and women in the field and in the elements.

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