How To Build The Right Dallas Two-Way Radio System

Putting Safety First with Dallas Two-Way Radio Systems

From the most basic human instinct to reach out to another person in a time of need to your organization’s requirement to remain productive and in motion. Communication falls at the very heart of everything we do as a society. But in times of crisis, communication failures can lead to serious tragedies. What shape is your business’ communication system in? Can it stand against a serious issue or is it facing problems in simple daily activities?

When we hear about emergencies on the job, you may think about workplace violence. Of the 4,821 workplace deaths that occurred in 2014, those incidents of violence only account for 16%. However, it’s much more common for employees and visitors to businesses and institutions to be injured in workplace accidents. Statistics show that 1 in 33 employees will experience a reportable injury this year. Workers and visitors who fall seriously ill with heart attacks, strokes, and medical emergencies are even more common, resulting in emergency room visits and ambulance calls in serious situations.

When incidents like this happen, how will you and the people working in your business respond?

When there’s a natural disaster bearing down, a health crisis, or an emergency caused by any number of circumstances, what will you do? Will you be able to evacuate safely? Can you do so while minimizing the impact on the rest of your organization?

Let’s consider a few situations where being able to respond effectively can mean all the difference between life and death:

  • An employee or another individual on your site has a heart attack, stroke or another life-threatening medical emergency.
  • Dead zones in your structure mean employees must spend precious minutes moving to a zone with a communication signal to get help. Then spend more time guiding responders back to the person needing medical attention. This is an all-too-common occurrence that costs lives.
  • An active shooter situation combined with poor communications makes it impossible for emergency responders to determine whether your site is safe to enter, preventing paramedics from entering a larger site for several hours. 
  • Your building has structural limitations, such as reinforced concrete or metal, that makes clear communication challenging for your existing system. This can keep your daily operations from happening effectively but are easily remedied through system upgrades like repeaters, antenna systems, and two-way radio systems in Dallas.

Build Your Custom Two-Way Radio Solution

How We Can Solve Your Pain Points


Multiple Stakeholders

Communication is a significant part of the big picture. You can be on a construction site coordinating a crane operator and a work crew at the top of the building or working on the ground to coordinate between several departments to keep operations moving effectively. Your job is to make sure everyone makes it home to their families at night. That means people working together smoothly and carefully, making it easier to ensure everyone’s doing their job properly and safely.

Daily Operations

Does your site have issues with radio communications? Dead spots are common in commercial structures, due to factors like distance, interference or the structure itself. If you have a site that is laid out over uneven rocky terrain or hills, the signal may not be able to reach other areas of your site. Old, outdated equipment may fail or not work effectively. Perhaps you have too many people or departments clogging your channels. Having the right radios for the job can mean all the difference between success and failure.

Safety Events

What about when you’re dealing with a safety event? Whether it’s your security team keeping track of a suspicious person, a chemical spill or gas leak in a production area, an accident that requires swift medical response or maintenance issues, being able to get the word out quickly and easily is a vital part to keeping your operation moving. Especially when dealing with issues that can impact employee or visitor safety. Radio communication is one of the fastest ways to connect your organization in a crisis.

Critical Emergency Issues

Your site may deal with weather events that develop quickly and require a fast response to keep people on-site safe. A hazardous shipment on the interstate or a railroad crash can release toxic substances requiring evacuation. What about a medical emergency, missing child or suspicious activity on your organization’s site? Fires are everyday occurrences, and active shooter situations can be deadly. When you have a solid communications system in place that is designed to deal with your worst-case scenarios, it allows your employees to quickly convey the most important information in a timely manner, helping to prevent a crisis from turning into a tragedy.

Discussion of MOTOTRBO™ Technology

Growing out of Motorola’s extensive and solid history as the leading two-way radio manufacturer and solutions provider, Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Radios in Dallas have been developed to address common issues found in our workplaces. Using the latest in digital radio technology, Motorola MOTOTRBO radios are the go-to model for businesses. One of the great features of MOTOTRBO radios is that most models will also work with legacy analog radio systems. Motorola MOTOTRBO systems include a wide range of two-way radios and accessories, repeaters, system applications, and other options that help you find solutions to your organization’s worst communications problems.

From compact, high-performance radios that make your security blend seamlessly into the background, to tough, ruggedized models that can deal with the worst possible conditions. The MOTOTRBO line of radios allows you to integrate digital communications solutions in the classroom, an oil refinery, a construction site, and everywhere in between. The focus of this technology on superior digital performance, real-world scalability, responsive safety and improved productivity in your organization can’t be beaten.

One strong aspect of the MOTOTRBO line of radios is Motorola’s Team Communications technology. This portion of the product development process is focused on creating a seamless integration of a wide range of technologies, such as MOTOTRBO radios, cell phones, desk phones, and computers. It provides the option to instantly communicate across your entire organization with different devices, at the push of a single button.

Overview of Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Radio Systems

A radio system takes all your separate parts, including portable radios, mobile radios, repeaters, antenna systems, and other accessories, and makes them work together as a single, cohesive unit. Think of it as the infrastructure for your Dallas communications system – tying together the right radio assets for your business or institution, along with signal improvement technology and applications to improve wireless communications across your entire organization.

Capacity Plus

When you’re working at a single site, Motorola Capacity Plus Motorola Radio Systems in Dallas are a great option. It provides a simple solution for your communication problems at twice the capacity of an analog system. You still may need to add frequencies and update FCC licenses to put it into effect.

The Capacity Plus system can connect over 1,000 users, integrating both voice and data communications. This digital trunked system provides multiple talk paths increasing capacity 3 times more than an analog system. Capacity Plus is a system that will hold up during a crisis and enhance your existing MOTOTRBO system.

IP Site Connect

When your organization is small to medium-sized and spread out geographically, IP Site Connect provides you with the ability to use the IP network to extend your coverage to more remote sites. Whether you’re working with a site that’s across town, across the state or around the world, you can still enjoy instant communications with IP Site Connect.

With IP Site Connect, you can use your existing network or a new standard IP network to connect up to 15 different sites. Because it doesn’t require purchasing a lot of extra infrastructure, your organization doesn’t need to make a big investment to expand your operation to a new site. It works well with voice or data communications, allowing you to use new technology alongside the IP Site Connect system as your business or organization digitizes. 

Capacity Max

Capacity Max is the best of both worlds, incorporating many users of Capacity Plus with the wide-area communications benefits of IP Site Connect. Capacity Max delivers strong results for your organization and provides a great option by handling up to 250 unique sites with up to 3,000 users at each site. The system also has the capability to adapt to several different situations, making it a great option when you’re expecting a lot of growth but aren’t quite sure where that growth will take you.

The Capacity Max system integrates the expertise of Motorola’s systems with your precise needs. It provides high performance, seamless coordination across a large-scale system and uses a distributed architecture for communications. This architecture helps prevent bottlenecks at specific points in your system, such as when you have an emergency tying up significant bandwidth, whether you’re using voice or data communications. It also has the feature of being able to feed all systems into a central network operations control, allowing faster response for emergencies.

Wide-Area Coverage from Aerowave Technologies

When you need your radio coverage to extend farther than your current repeater, you can count on Aerowave to provide wide-area coverage without sacrificing a quality connection. We go the extra mile to make sure you can reach your team when they’re on-the-go with instant push-to-talk communications in Dallas. Even better, GPS is available, helping you to keep track of your team. Wide-area coverage solutions are an affordable way to get the most from your radio units. Affordable access to long-reaching communication with the ability to integrate applications and digital quality audio. Wherever you are, Aerowave provides solid coverage for your communications needs.

Radio Communications Applications


Wave Push-To-Talk (PTT) Technology

The Wave Push-to-Talk system allows smartphone and tablet users to be part of the conversation with radio operators and computer users. As a software-based system, it allows an app to be used on either iOS or Android smart devices while still allowing connectivity to a wide range of Motorola radio systems, including Capacity Plus or Capacity Max.

Wave PTT system gives you great options, including alternative communication for an executive on the road that needs to communicate with the plant floor. It functions on a cloud-based system, allowing you to set up quickly.

AeroBOX Emergency Alert System

When radios are expensive, and you need to quickly get the word out to large numbers of people, AeroBOX delivers. With a strobe and speaker, it can be used to instantly address many people across an entire site, informing them of the need for an evacuation, safety update or other ongoing issues that need to be communicated quickly. AeroBOX features a battery backup for weather emergencies or other situations where lack of power may be an issue.

Because Aerowave goes the extra mile to keep you connected, we make it easy to access your AeroBOX system with a simple portable radio. This allows you to remain mobile during an emergency while continuing to broadcast necessary information to people at your location. Your AeroBOX can be remotely monitored and features strong, sturdy construction that is well-suited for indoor or outdoor locations.

AeroLINK PC-Based Client-Server Messaging System

This PC-based system allows you to track GPS data from assets, text messages and emails to your two-way radio devices. Its GPS capability allows you to use real-time tracking of your fleet, to remotely manage route changes, develop speeding and idling reports, and can provide archived historical reports for your records. This makes it much easier to keep track of not only where your assets are located, but also how they are being used in the field.

The messaging system provides you with a much wider range of capabilities than many other commercially-available options. You can configure it to multiple systems, making it much easier to use across your entire organization with minimal adaptation. The system allows you to create your own radio-based workflow and work order system, allowing you to improve productivity in the field.

Two-Way Radio Repeaters

A communications solution must be efficient in order to improve productivity. Motorola repeaters are the cornerstone to increase your coverage, ensuring your network is always available and running with clear and reliable communication. Advanced technology allows for an increase in transmission capacity, improving talk-time and maximizing business efficiency. Repeaters can be used in areas where signal is weak, especially due to structural obstructions to eliminate dead zones, keeping employees safe and connected.

SLR 5000 Series

When you need powerful two-way radio communications, whether it’s on the factory floor, across campus or in the field, this repeater delivers. The SLR5000 series features a sleek form that’s easy to slide into your existing rack space. This series has the capability of working with both conventional and trunked systems, making it adaptable to both your current and your future needs. The SLR 5000 series is a solid representation of next-generation digital repeater technology, giving you an edge in communications efficiency.

SLR 8000 Series

The SLR8000 series of repeaters allows you to optimize your communications for your organization’s needs. As a top-of-the-line repeater, it delivers strong performance including voice, data, reliability, and energy usage. Requiring only two units of rack space, the repeater’s strong 100-watt transmitter covers the most challenging environments, while dropping into a low-power mode when not in active operation. It features a wide range of adaptable options, allowing your service provider to create the perfect repeater for your needs. The series has been extensively tested through Motorola’s Accelerated Life Testing program, ensuring that it meets the highest level of reliability and performance criteria. When solid communications are a must, this is the repeater for you.

SLR1000 Outdoor Applications Series

If you’ve got one area of your site, the SLR 1000 is a great option to consider. It delivers strong, rugged performance in a wide range of conditions, including dust and wet conditions with an IP65 rating. It features a compact design and size to make it much easier to install exactly where you want it, unlike larger alternatives. The unit has a fanless, low-power design that makes it an excellent choice for difficult installation conditions. 

This unit delivers cost-effective coverage across your site, allowing you to quickly and effectively improve communications without compromising on budget or quality. The system’s ability to be pole mounted means that you can quickly deploy in an emergency, immediately improving your communication options. It also has capabilities of working with both conventional and trunked radio systems, allowing you to continue using it as your overall system grows. 

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 Two-Way Portable Radios

There are a few different types of radios available for your business, with different applications for each. A portable radio, commonly referred to as a walkie-talkie, is a handheld radio that is used in a wide range of situations. This type of radio tends to have a more limited range of transmission compared to mobile radios and base stations but is a convenient size for carrying around during daily operations.

XPR Series Radios

These radios are ruggedized, with serious waterproofing and IMPRES batteries designed to hold up better in rough conditions. Some models include a range of emergency and safety features, such as Intrinsically Safe batteries, emergency button notifications, lone working notifications, and man-down alerts. Bluetooth connectivity feature helps eliminate wires from headsets and earpieces and reduces the chance of caught-in accidents.

XPR7000e Series

When safety is at the top of your list of concerns for your organization, very few radios outwork the XPR 7000e series. This series of radios have a range of features designed to improve communication when it’s needed most. An optional onboard accelerometer enables the radio to detect falls, producing an automated call for help within moments of an accident. It also meets military specifications for toughness and IP68 rating for waterproofing, making it a great option when your crew is working hard in the field.

This series of radios also delivers Bluetooth connectivity to help reduce wires, along with integrated Wi-Fi for remote software updates. Location tracking is also available, making it much easier to find that radio that was set down “just for a minute” during an emergency or busy day. Data capabilities support a much wider range of potential applications than most other radios offered by Motorola. This is especially helpful if you’re starting the process of digitizing your organization.

XPR3000e Series

The XPR 3000e Series delivers enhanced audio, battery life of up to 28 hours, and up to 8% better range. One of the top features with the XPR3000e is IP67 waterproofing. This series is also available in Intrinsically Safe HazLoc, making them a great option in plants or factories where flammable or explosive materials may be present.

In addition, this series works well with both digital and analog systems, allowing you to incorporate this radio series with your existing radio assets. This helps you make the transition to clear digital audio in a more gradual fashion. You can reduce the immediate impact on your budget and conduct radio training on new handsets to happen in smaller groups.

SL Series Radios

For slim, compact communications, the SL series delivers easy-to-carry options for virtually everyone in your operation, providing strong performance and durability.

SL7000e Series

The SL 7000e series provides you with a wide range of capabilities in a small, compact radio. It includes clear, crisp audio that makes it much easier to hear exactly what’s going on, preventing miscommunication and delays in response. This radio also offers over-the-air software updates, allowing them to take place while the radio is in use and reducing the need to cycle radios out for updating. Also, with the Bluetooth feature, the SL7000e radio can sync with a variety of wireless accessories.

Its slim and lightweight design helps prevent unintentional damage as it can easily slide out of the way when work is taking place. The improved expandability makes it the perfect choice for a manager who must always be in control of what’s happening on site.

SL3500e Series

SL3500e features a slender, lightweight design to provide the best possible portability. These radios are designed for quick access to keys. Their advanced Bluetooth capability makes them an easy match for discrete headsets and earbuds allowing your security team to blend seamlessly into the background.

The SL3500e Series of radios feature a virtual keypad and display. This makes it easier to focus on visitors and customers rather than the bulk of the radio itself. With the ability to connect on any Motorola digital system infrastructure, the SL3500e is the perfect radio for the hospitality, recreational, and entertainment industries

SL300 Series

When you need solid, basic communications, the SL 300 series two-way portable radios fit the bill quite nicely. The easy-to-use design does not mean it’s light on functionality. The SL300 offers an optional Active View Display and its ultra-slim design makes it easy to slip into a pocket or under a jacket.

Two-Way Mobile Radios

A mobile radio is one that is typically mounted in a vehicle, piece of equipment or another vehicle. Mobile units have a higher power output, and therefore have more range compared to other portable radios.

XPR5000e Series

When your mobile radio just needs to do more, the XPR 5000e Series delivers the additional capabilities you need to keep rolling. The addition of data enables you to incorporate text messaging and work order tracking to your radio system. This allows you to digitize that portion of your communications and maintenance processes. XPR 5000e Series radios are available with a desktop microphone, making it a great option for the office when you need to reach everyone in the field.


The XPR2500 is an excellent option to consider at a lower price point, while still delivering strong performance and features for your organization’s needs, whether it’s connecting the shuttle driver to the central transportation office or a courier to dispatch. It has good scalability options available, making it a great choice if your organization has sudden growth that requires better communication without sacrificing the budget.

Aerowave’s Options and Advantages

When you need quality radio communications in Dallas, Aerowave is here to help. We provide an extensive area of coverage around the city and throughout North Texas. As a Motorola Channel Partner in Dallas, we have a range of two-way radio products, systems, and services that can be customized to deliver the right solutions for your organization’s needs.

Though completely stopping workplace violence, accidents, safety problems, and medical emergencies is an impossible task, our response to those situations can make all the difference between life and death. Having effective communications in place not only improves your response to safety situations in your organization, but they also allow your people to work more effectively in several daily situations. This lowers your overhead, reduces risk and makes it much easier for your organization to respond quickly to changes.

Are you ready to implement better communications in your organization to make this happen? Aerowave is here to help and we go the extra mile to keep you connected. Please feel free to reach out today to get started.

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