Quick Guide- The Benefits of Motorola Bluetooth Radios

The work you do is important. Whether you’re a first responder saving lives, a construction company building our city, or transporting vital goods, there’s one piece of the puzzle that can elevate the way your team operates: Bluetooth Radios.  

What is Bluetooth?

Simply put, Bluetooth radios eliminate the need for wires without compromising on connectivity between devices. Rather than relying on cords to connect, Bluetooth transmits signals to connect devices wirelessly. Bluetooth two-way radios allow the user to still use headphones, microphones, earpieces, and more without the distraction and potential hazard of wires. 

How Bluetooth Radios Are Benefiting Industries

When it comes to your work, every second can make a difference, especially when safety is on the line. Advantages of Bluetooth radios go beyond convenience. These radios can help your team stay safe with the elimination of wires, cords and bulky accessories that can get in the way of the job at hand. How else will Bluetooth enhance your team’s radio communications?  

  • Discreet communication. Depending on your industry, discreet communication can be vital. Private security and hospitality applications often involve the need to communicate with other staff members inconspicuously.  
  • Instant mobility. The hands-free nature of Bluetooth means that your team can be mobile in an instant. Rather than organising wires, your team can save countless seconds with the power of Bluetooth. This level of quick response is especially important for first responders. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Some industries that require mobile fleets have strict regulations to follow that prevent them from handling a mobile device, Bluetooth delivers reliable communications to keep teams safe and compliant. 
  • Durability. A Motorola Bluetooth radio is built as tough as you need it to be, so you can maximize your team’s productivity no matter the environment. 

Motorola Bluetooth Radios Available

A number of Motorola Bluetooth radios are available that offer a range of functions to suit your work environment and your team’s voice and data communications needs: 

  • XPR7000e Series. This series of Motorola Bluetooth radios include durable digital radios with advanced safety and productivity features to match your team’s needs perfectly. Experience a communication solution that offers better waterproofing, battery life, and range, all without compromising crystal clear audio quality through Bluetooth.   
  • SL7000e Series. Features offered in this line of high-performing two-way radios include Bluetooth 4.0 capability and indoor location tracking, all packaged in a durable and sleek design that can easily fit right in your pocket. 
  • SL3500e. This two-way radio model offers Bluetooth capabilities at an affordable price-point, combining durability with discretion for the ultimate communication tool for your team. Access Wi-Fi networks for over-the-air software updates and check information at a glance on the simple and easy to read screen. 

Keep Your Information Private with Bluetooth Network Security

While Motorola Bluetooth radios have many benefits, it’s important to take the time to properly set-up your radios to maximize network security and avoid any security breaches or communication failures. Below is a basic outline of the steps necessary to ensure your network of Bluetooth two-way radios is secure:  

  1. Make sure all wireless devices support the correct version of Bluetooth, typically V2.1 
  2. Create a list of trusted devices on all Bluetooth radios to ensure clarity amongst your team.  
  3. Pair Motorola Bluetooth radios with accessories that are compatible with wireless push-to-talk functions.  
  4. Ensure Bluetooth two-way radios are powered by batteries that support at least 10 working hours.  
  5. Find Motorola Bluetooth radio headsets that minimize the distance between the mouth and microphone. 

All these steps work together to create a Motorola Bluetooth radio system that has taken security and safety precautions into account, leaving you with effortless and worry-free team communication. 

Accessories to Get the Most out of Your Bluetooth Radios

There are countless options to enhance your Motorola Bluetooth radio lineup by pairing them with hands-free accessories. Whether you’re a police officer on the beat, a maintenance worker making repairs at a hotel, or the utility work out in the field, there are Bluetooth accessories designed to give workers the mobility they need to get the job done. There are countless ways to enhance your wireless communications, some of the most popular Bluetooth accessories used across industries are remote speaker mics, heavy-duty and lightweight headsets, earpieces with push-to-talk pods.  

With so many Bluetooth two-way radio options, it can be hard to know which one is best for your unique operation. After years of experience supplying unified team communications solutions to customers, Aerowave has created the perfect guide to choosing the right option for you. To get an idea of what your team needs, try our Free Motorola Radio Selector Tool to instantly build your own custom two-way radio system. 

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