5 Reasons Motorola WAVE PTX System is Right for Your Business

With so many teams, departments, and people in your business, it can be hard to communicate effectively with everyone when it matters most. Rather than slow, costly, and time-consuming communication most businesses are using, experience a unified team communications with Motorola WAVE PTX.

What is Motorola WAVE PTX?

Motorola WAVE PTX is the leading nationwide push to talk (PTT) communications system, allowing your business to operate productively and safely anywhere in the USA. Motorola WAVE PTX offers complete integration between your teams existing communication devices (Motorola Digital Radios, Cell Phones, Computers) with nationwide coverage. With Motorola WAVE PTX, you can connect your entire team seamlessly to keep deliveries on time, construction projects on budget, and keeping your team and customer safe.

How Motorola WAVE PTX Unifies Business Field Communications

Not all workers use the same devices throughout their day, but when connectivity is key, it can be hard to find the solution that suits all members of your team. With the help of Motorola WAVE PTX, your team can use any device while taking advantage of the many benefits of WAVE PTX network. Motorola WAVE PTX allows you to connect several devices, from tablet, smartphone, Motorola radio, and computers, removing any barriers to accessing valuable information and communications.

Benefits of Motorola WAVE PTX for Businesses

Aerowave Technologies Motorola WAVE PTX LTE system offers a wide variety of benefits through comprehensive and carefully designed features. In the end, the goal is simple: providing long-range, effective communication, at a very affordable price. 

Discover benefits of Motorola WAVE PTX solutions: 

  • Wide-Area Coverage. Get the most from your Motorola WAVE two-way radio units with wider coverage and connect your team across longer distances without additional costs. 
  • Push-To-Talk Technology. Experience instant communications with Motorola WAVE’s Push-To-Talk system. The Motorola TLK150 & TLK100 combines the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of radio communications, With the added benefit of communications between other devices, Motorola WAVE PTX is very versatile for your business.
  • Affordability. By leveraging the existing public LTE networks, Motorola can offer a very affordable nationwide communication system. Imagine keeping your team connect at the cost of less than a cup of coffee per day.
  • GPS Location Tracking. Dispatch team members, effectively assign tasks, find faster routes, and keep track of your team with the help of Motorola WAVE PTX Dispatch console.
  • Network Speed. Motorola WAVE PTX solutions offer the fastest and most reliable push-to-talk network, from set-up to daily Motorola WAVE PTX is a great tool for business. 

How Do You Know WAVE is Right for Your Business?

Motorola WAVE PTX can offer many industries the ultimate unified team communications. Top industries that are adopting Motorola WAVE systems include construction, private security, transportation and logistics, field services, and hospitality. Each of these industries use Motorola WAVE PTX differently – here’s how. 

  • Construction. Smartphones are notoriously delicate, plaguing every user at least once with a cracked phone screen. With Motorola WAVE PTX, your team can rely on communication that is built tough to survive drops and spills. Even more, when instant communication needs to be available at the push of a button, nothing is more effective than Motorola WAVE’s easy to use Push-To-Talk technology.
  • Private Security. Avoid distractions and elevate your team’s efficiency with the simple, push-to-talk technology of Motorola WAVE PTX that can be taken anywhere your staff goes.
  • Transportation and Logistics. Smartphones are not only an illegal device when your team is on the road, but it can be a safety hazard and a distraction. With the use of Motorola WAVE PTX, your team can abide by hands-free policies while still communicating effectively.
  • Field Services. Field service roles require remote work, making seamless communication that much more vital. Motorola WAVE PTX radios are durable and rugged, with GPS tracking abilities to ensure you know exactly where your team is.
  • Hospitality. Reliable communication is key when dealing with the satisfaction of your guests. Create new talk groups, take advantage of wider coverage, and discover instant push-to-talk technology with Motorola WAVE PTX.

Choosing Motorola WAVE PTX

Don’t know if Motorola WAVE PTX will integrate with your existing radio system? Aerowave offers our wealth of expertise in team communication solutions to determine what’s best for your operation. Get your free system assessment to find out how you can connect all your devices and personnel by visiting the link here

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