Quick Guide: Troubleshooting for Motorola DTR Radios

For several years, customers have found great value in onsite radio communications with the Motorola DTR series of radios.   Small schools, manufacturing facilities, long term care homes, and recreational facilities are some of the most popular industries for the Motorola DTR700 radios and the previous versions of DTR650, DTR550, and DTR410.   There are a lot of great benefits of Motorola DTR700 radios…these include being license free, onsite digital communications, and group or private talk groups.   

Like most technologies there are common issues that do come up that can impede performance, effect operations, or reduce the safety at your operation.   To help customers, we have developed a quick and easy troubleshooting guide for your Motorola DTR series radios. 

If you’re experiencing issues that aren’t listed in our blog, Aerowave has been repairing and servicing Motorola radios for over 20 years. Let us help you get your radio system back up and running. 

Quick Troubleshooting Checklist

A number of common problems can be remedied with a quick check of functionality. Below is a list of common issues with Motorola DTR radios that can be solved without the need for servicing. 


The antenna should be securely connected to the radio at all timesAlso, check for possible corrosion in the area of the connector, under the antenna whip or wipe away any obstructions.  Additionaly the Motorola DTR radios are not meant to be held by the antenna.   This can cause damage to the antenna, connector, or even the internal components of the radio.  


Double-check what channels your staff is using to communicate. If different channels were used for different teams or shifts, a simple check would make sure that all personnel are operating on the appropriate talk group or channels. 


Battery issues are some of the most common problems customers have with all radios.   Check that your battery is fully charged at the beginning of your shift.  If the battery on your radio is older it might need to be replaced.   Most batteries last 12-18 months before needing to be replaced. 

Microphones and Other Accessories 

Speaker Microphones, earpieces, and headset must be connected properly to your Motorola DTR radios.   Confirming you are using the right audio accessory with your radio is critical, even though the accessories might look like they should fit a work with the radio, it is best to confirm with a dealer like Aerowave you have the correct accessories.  One last point of accessoriesit is best practise to turn off the radio before plugging in your audio accessory. 

Volume Levels 

User error sometimes plays a role in DTR radio problems. Best practices include holding the radio two inches from the mouth while speaking, ensuring volume is set to an appropriate level, and pressing firmly on push-to-talk (PTT) buttons during transmission.  

Although some problems seem like simple mistakes, ensure that employees take the time to get to know their Motorola DTR radios is important Making unneeded service calls for easy functionality questions can be time-consuming, costly, and result in downtime. 

Prioritize Proper Maintenance for DTR Radios

To ensure that your Motorla DTR two-way radios last as long as possible, regular proper maintenance is essential.  Here are some daily maintenance tips: 

  • Turning off two-way radios when charging. 
  • Cleaning buttons, displays, antennas, and accessories with a cloth 
  • Using batteries and chargers that are compatible with the device 
  • Storing equipment in a dry and cool space away from excessive weather conditions 

 By taking care of your Motorola DTR two-way radios, you’ll be able to reduce the chances of damage. When your team is in need of reliable communication, they can be confident that their equipment will work when needed. 

Motorola DTR Radios

The DTR Series of two-way radios is ideal for industries such as retaileducation, and warehousing. Offering wide coverage, clear audio performance, and single-button operation can ensure that your team stays connected quickly and easily. 


The DTR700 two-way radio offers a rugged design with programmable functionality. Prominent functional keys can be used to quickly access features, including all channel connection, private calls within a group chat, and setting up unique profile IDs. With 50 available channels, wide-area coverage, and a reliable battery, DTR700 two-way radios have everything you need to manage your team. 

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