Bringing Together 30 Years of Two-Way Radio Knowledge with Leann Rodriguez

Knowledge on Dallas Motorola Radio Equipment

Here in Dallas, Motorola two-way radio support is our business. And our team of professionals makes it easy to bring you exceptional service and customer support for a wide range of wireless communication solutions.

Meet Leann Rodriguez, Our Communications Specialist

Aerowave takes a lot of pride in the team of professionals we have working with us. Leann is just one of our exceptional salespeople who are ready to help you select, implement, and find just the right radio system in Dallas. Motorola professional portable two-way radios and mobile two-way radios can take your communication to a new level, whether you’re managing a hotel or operating in retail. We’ll listen to what your business needs and match you with the best products. 

Here’s what you should know about Leann.

While studying at college to be a vet, Leann realized that she’s meant to be in sales. She’s a real people person who wants to help solve problems. Working in retail and hospitality sales, Leann learned about Aerowave and knew that telecommunication technology was where she wanted to be.

Aerowave is lucky to have Leann, with her strong background in customer service. “I’m where I need to be, using my hospitality background in sales to continue to accommodate my customers and stand out. I want to be the best and show them that I’m going to cater to them.”

We pride ourselves on building customer support teams who are so service-minded. Salespeople who genuinely want to provide solutions are essential to our business in Dallas for Motorola commercial radios, installation, and support. Whether you’re looking for two-way radio support for the hospitality or retail industry, Leann has the knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction. 

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At Aerowave, Customers Come First

Our priority is always listening to exactly what you need. You know your business best, just like we know our products. So, hearing how you operate now and your vision for the future helps us pair you with the best digital communication solutions. Motorola commercial radios are just part of what we do. We integrate and implement wireless solutions and ensure that you understand every aspect of your new two-way radio system.

Leann is always pushing herself to be even better at catering to her customers’ needs. “Working for Aerowave sets us apart from everyone else. They challenge us to be better, always learning how we can stand out as salespeople.”

Leann feels that she’s not alone when it comes to helping customers. Aerowave works as a team, and she has 30 years of experience and support behind her. Not only does she use her knowledge to help customers, but she also uses her experience to help her colleagues grow, and she learns from them as well! Our team believes in enhancing the customer journey at every touchpoint.

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Meeting Customer Challenges

One of the things that we find essential to our growth and customer service is keeping up to date on the latest technology. Leann enjoys the challenges of learning all about the ever-changing technology of communications and taking what she learns out into the field. “This industry is so amazing, what we have to offer our customers, and I get to educate them.” Having a sales team that understands the industry and where it’s headed is critical to providing our customers with the latest solutions. 

Check out our services here in Dallas. Our team of experts, such as Leann, understand Motorola radio equipment sales and service inside and out. They can provide you with information about every product we sell and all the features of two-way radio communications. 

Solutions With Someone You Can Trust

Aerowave customers already know that throughout Dallas, Motorola professional two-way radios optimize efficiency and ensure that their employees can communicate information in real-time. We want to continue helping return customers but also guide new customers to find the solutions that best suit their business, employees, and future demands.

Finding the right solution takes the right salesperson to help you navigate the many radios, accessories, and applications Aerowave offers. When customers talk with Leann, they’re dealing with a member of our sales team who understands what it means to be a customer. “I remember that I’m a customer too, and I put myself in their shoes,” she says. Leann’s commitment to understanding the customer journey and our products makes her an excellent guide toward your perfect communication system.

Final Words on Leann

Leann loves her customers and the challenges of helping them solve problems. She enjoys what she does and hopes that her customers know that. “I put a lot of heart into what I do, I don’t just sell a product, I’m building relationships. Customers are why I love what I do.”

When she’s not helping Aerowave customers, Leann is busy playing the piano and violin while spending time with her family.  

Throughout Northern Texas and Dallas, Motorola radio equipment is what we specialize in. With more than 30 years of experience, we’ve been providing our customers with high-quality commercial two-way radios and telecommunication systems. No matter what radio system you need, we can help you figure it out. Contact us today for your options in commercial digital two-way radios.

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