Businesses Depend on Motorola Radios for Trucking in Dallas

Motorola Radios for Trucking in Dallas

Transportation businesses are relying on Motorola radios for trucking in Dallas and north Texas. The Motorola XPR5000e series mobile radios keep Dallas trucking companies connected when it counts.

The XPR5000e series are vehicle-mounted Motorola radios perfect for Dallas transportation companies. When you need clear and concise information conveyed instantly across your entire fleet, the XPR5000e is the two-way radio system to do it. This next generation of Motorola radios for trucking in Dallas will deliver connectivity to your entire organization, keeping your workers safe and more productive.

Staying Connected With Motorola XPR5550e Radios in Dallas

A high-powered solution, running up to 45 watts of power in VHF and 40 watts in UHF, the Motorola XPR5550e is also equipped with Bluetooth technology so that you can talk without wires, and your drivers can remain hands-free while on the road.

Integrated Wi-Fi means software can be updated remotely, and GPS capabilities allow you to track your fleet in real time. With the Motorola XPR5550e, you have support for legacy analog and trunking technology to keep your team connected while you grow.

Keeping Dallas Truckers Safe With Motorola Radios

Motorola XPR5550e radios in Dallas have several safety features like quick access buttons that can summon help with a touch or rapid-response push-to-talk technology. Plus, you can take advantage of a range of safe driving accessories that require no touching at all, keeping your drivers’ hands on the wheel while speech-to-text technology allows them to communicate safely.

Motorola Radios for Trucking in Dallas Keep Your Team Productive

The Motorola XPR5550e radios simplify complex communications by integrating text messaging and work order ticketing. The radios deliver loud, clear speech with the benefit of background noise cancellation thanks to a high power audio amplifier.

Your team won’t waste time repeating themselves, and instant communication between dispatchers and drivers can save time and money when problems are identified and solved in seconds. The XPR5000e series radios can also act as your dispatch solution, with the addition of a desktop microphone.

Two Way Radios For Dallas Trucking

MOTOTRBO Systems and Motorola Radios for Trucking

When you choose Motorola XPR5550e radios for your Dallas trucking communication needs, it can operate on the following MOTOTRBO systems:

IP Site Connect
IP Site Connect extends the coverage of your MOTOTRBO communication system using the internet. Your trucking operation can be stationed in Dallas, with offices in New York and Connecticut, and all of your staff can stay in touch. With IP Site Connect, it doesn’t matter where you are in the city, state, or country; you can easily communicate with your entire team.

  • Create wide area coverage automatically, roaming from one coverage area to another
  • Enhance coverage at a single site
  • Extend the voice and data communications of your workforce
  • Up to 15 sites connected with a standard IP network
  • Each site only needs access to a single radio channel


  • Cost-effective
  • Improved customer service
  • Enhanced team communications
  • Increased productivity
  • Increase in morale

Capacity Max
Capacity Max is a highly secure trunked radio communications solution born from user feedback and real-world experience. Optimized for high performance and efficiency, it delivers a scalable solution that’s perfect for your growing business.

  • Supports up to 250 sites with up to 3,000 users per site
  • Instant, reliable voice and data communications
  • Seamless coordination across a single location or large-scale multi-location operation
  • Complete control over the system from a single console
  • Advanced location tracking
  • Long text messaging
  • High-level security as all voice, data, and control traffic within the network is encrypted


  • Better, faster decision-making
  • Increased productivity
  • Unifies teams and improves workflow
  • Global tech support
  • Compatible with existing MOTOTRBO systems for seamless integration

Wide Area Radio System by Aerowave

When considering Motorola radios for trucking in Dallas, you need to be confident that you can communicate with the drivers on the road quickly and effectively. Aerowave offers trucking companies access to its Wide Area System, which provides instant reliable, all digital, push-to-talk communications equipment and service throughout the area. For those who do business in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, this is the solution for you.

  • Unlimited talk time
  • Supports GPS location tracking through the Dallas area
  • Crystal clear audio that you expect from digital
  • Reliable voice and data communications


  • Cost-effective (about 30% the cost of cellular!)
  • Improve team communications
  • Support a locally owned business
  • Support a female-owned business

No matter how big or small your transportation business is, Motorola XPR5550e radios in Dallas offer essential communication solutions. Motorola’s radios, in combination with the right operating system, can enhance team communications and increase worker safety and productivity across your trucking fleet.

Use our free Motorola Radio Selector tool to get instant recommendations on custom communications solutions for your Dallas transportation business.

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