The Best Motorola Radios for Dallas Sports Facilities

How Two Way Radios Help Dallas Sports

With a population of over 5 million people, Dallas is home to teams in all major sports. Sports facilities host these teams as well as a large number of people, including spectators and staff. Motorola Solutions radios for sports arenas are the solution you need to keep your professional stadium or recreation center staff connected.

Sports facilities can span blocks and stories, presenting unique coverage challenges. Motorola radios for sports arenas make it easier than ever to overcome these obstacles and keep your facility operating efficiently and effectively.

Your sports facility runs on the efforts of multiple teams, including security, maintenance, concession, customer service, medical, managers, and more. All of these teams may not need to interact with each other on a regular basis. With Motorola radios for sports arenas, you can set up custom channels for team-specific day-to-day communications, but you can also connect site-wide with all workers in case of an emergency.

Motorola radios offer the versatility, durability, and reliability you need. There are many options to choose from to connect your team as well. Visit our Motorola Radio Selector for help deciding which one is the right Motorola radio system for your sports arena, field, or course.

Interference Isn’t an Issue

Motorola radios for sports arenas allow you to stop worrying about concrete and metal blocking signals in critical areas. Hockey, football, soccer, and other stadiums have a solid infrastructure that may have led to interference in the past, but not with Motorola. Motorola digital radio systems, bi-directional amplifiers, and distributed antenna system radios make sure that you have coverage in every corner of the arena.

The Battery Life Your Work Demands

You need radios that can last all day for multiple games, whether it’s a tournament or different teams switching off the same playing field. With improved technology, Motorola batteries can last up to 28 hours, giving you peace of mind that Motorola radios for sports fields will last beyond the very last play.

Rugged Radios for Everyday Use

Teams running sports fields, race tracks, and any activity center that spans a large area can rest assured that Motorola radios for golf course and country clubs, as well as other facilities have the technology to keep them covered.

You need your equipment to hold up under harsh weather conditions too. Sometimes, radios get dropped or kicked accidentally throughout the course of the day. You need radios that you can pick up and will keep going with you. Motorola radios are known for their rugged durability, whether it’s wind, rain, or dirt, these radios keep you communicating through any conditions.

Build Your Perfect Radio Solution

Safety for Everyone

You have a responsibility to keep not just your staff safe but the visitors to your facility safe as well. Motorola radios for sports arenas come equipped with safety features like emergency alarms that can be set off in case of a medical emergency or even a fight between fans. You can be notified of an incident and communicate the proper protocols instantly.

Common Motorola Radios for Sports Facilities

Motorola SL300
The Motorola SL300 comes in an ultra-slim yet tough design that can be used on the field but also by employees who interact with customers and need to look more professional.

The SL300 is easy to operate and loaded with simple but critical features such as a standalone power button, volume control on the side, a visible push-to-talk button, and top toggle channel switch.

This walkie talkie radio has a range max receiver, which is an advanced radio design and patented antenna for enhanced range, without compromising its slim design and long battery life.


  • “Fast toggle” allowing users to scroll through 10 channels at a time
  • Optional active view display
  • Dual capacity direct mode
  • Micro-USB connectivity for rechargeable batteries

Motorola XPR3000e
The XPR3000e introduces new noise-canceling technology for improved voice clarity, which is perfect for noisy sporting events. These radios are waterproof (IP67) and built with a rugged, durable design that you expect from Motorola radios for sports arenas.

This radio has an optional IMPRES over-the-air battery management tool that helps users maximize battery life.


  • Improved receiver that boosts the range up to 8%
  • Up to 28 hours of battery life
  • HazLoc models available

Motorola XPR7000e
The XPR7000e is the ultimate radio in rugged design. This waterproof IP68 radio can withstand full immersion in water and still work. This portable radio is great for use on the field. Motorola radios for sports fields need to be able to stand up against the weather, and the XPR7000e can do just that.

The XPR7000e has a prominent orange emergency button, which lets the user call for help with a simple touch. Plus, it has an integrated accelerometer, which senses if you’ve fallen, and it can automatically call for help.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Indoor and outdoor location tracking
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Remote software updates
  • Powerful audio amplifier
  • Increased battery life (up to 28 hours)
  • Improved receiver that boosts range up to 8%

Regardless of the size of your facility, arena, or golf pro shop, Aerowave has the Motorola radio system to keep your team connected.

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