Dallas Best Motorola Two-Way Radio System Coverage

Motorola Radio Coverage

If your workforce is on the road or out in the field every day, but continue to experience coverage issues and dropped calls, a Motorola digital radio system in Dallas is the most reliable solution for your communication needs.
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Wide Coverage in Dallas

A Motorola digital radio communication system in Dallas has extended roaming capabilities to deliver a wide area of coverage for your multi-location or fleet-based business. When you join our wide area radio system, you can transform your Motorola devices into tools that improve efficiency, productivity, safety, and profit.

Coverage areas for our wide area radio system include:

  • Dallas, Fort Worth, and North Texas
  • Arlington and Grapevine
  • Waco Valley View and Gainesville
  • Melissa, Celina, Anna, and Whitewright
  • Frisco, Allen, Plano, and McKinney
  • Ennis, Rice, Kemp, and Kaufman
  • Benbrook, Burleson, Mansfield, and CleburneTerrel

Since your workforce is out in the field every day, they rely on instant, clear communication channels, so they can get the job done. Our Dallas wide area radio systems extend coverage between major metros in Texas.

True Radio Dispatch for Easy Communication

With a single press of the push-to-talk button on your Motorola two-way radio in Dallas, you can connect to your entire workgroup at once. There is no requirement for cellphone dialing or trying to find a cell tower for service. You will have superior digital quality for all of your voice and data communications throughout the entire coverage area.

For those employees that prefer to use a cellular device, or for those outside of the radio system coverage, we also provide compatible wireless communications solutions to keep all of your workers connected. Our wide area radio system can easily be integrated with cellular devices and Motorola MOTOTRBO™ systems so that all of your employees can communicate with ease.

As a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner, we also offer accessories with hands-free options. With FMCSA rules restricting drivers from using hand-held mobile devices, safe driving accessories such as text-to-speech technology, allow your drivers to communicate hands-free. This feature complies with the FMCSA restrictions and helps to keep your driver’s eyes on the road. All radios and accessories can be used on the wide area radio system so that your workers get the equipment they need.

With unlimited talk time, your office can monitor job site activities in real-time. You can focus on a project with a small work team or conference with your entire fleet. You’ll be able to streamline operations with ease and keep productivity high within our network.

You can also manage service calls and quickly determine which part of your workforce can respond to a service call. Motorola digital radio systems in Dallas come equipped with GPS to aid in tracking your team throughout the entire coverage area.

Aerowave Motorola Wide-Area Radio System

Low Cost to Operate

When you purchase two-way radio airtime in Dallas, it requires minimal infrastructure. We offer low monthly subscription rates without the need for a license or frequency search. We provide an affordable alternative to building a wide area system from scratch, with the roaming capabilities for multi-location businesses.

With a wide range of communication needs that are unique to each business, many industries can benefit from our affordable solution, including:

  • Airport, bus, and taxi operations
  • Couriers and transportation trucks
  • Healthcare and education facilities
  • Construction sites and building maintenance
  • Warehouses and small storage facilities
  • Agriculture and farming

With workers operating in plants, traveling between locations, and working in remote areas, the ability to efficiently manage fleets is critical for optimal production. Reliable coverage will allow you to properly allocate resources and communicate schedules in real time so that your workers can limit unneeded travel and costs that affect your bottom line.

Build Better Communication With Wide Area Radio Systems

With remote radio capabilities, you can better manage equipment, allocate personnel, and avoid any security breaches. Utilizing radios can help project managers check in on workers and provide updates of completion.

Two-way radio systems in Dallas also feature a complete system of portable radios, mobile radios, and accessories for your business needs. Your business can take a step forward with the latest communication technology and set yourself apart from your competitors.

With open lines of communication, your team will be able to plan, implement, and solve problems faster and reduce the cost of downtime. Your customers will have peace of mind knowing that they can get up-to-date information on current projects, transportation, or maintenance.

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