2019 Communications Survey: Digital Two-Way Radios in Dallas for Transportation

Two Way Radios for Transportation

In today’s world, instant wireless communication is the norm. The ever-evolving transportation industry trends are leaning towards the use of digital two-way radios for their communications equipment. How do the statistics affect the way your transportation business communicates? Here are the top statistics found in a 2019 survey from a large cross-section of transportation sectors including trucking, railways, taxis, and airports that show the value of digital two-way radios for transportation:

Communication that Cooperates

According to a recent report on communication in the transportation industry, 81% of transportation workers use more than one device to communicate on the job. This means that a system capable of accommodating a wide variety of devices is essential to communicating across your entire team.

Instant, integrated voice and data communication is important for successful transportation logistics. With the ever-growing customer expectation for fast, even same-day shipping, it’s important for the transportation industry to keep up with communications technology. With the integration of digital two-way radios, your transportation team can incorporate a variety of communication methods that suit each department’s needs without communication barriers. Along the same lines is another statistic, which states that 92% of transportation workers say it would be valuable to instantly communicate with colleagues using any device. This further drives home how important multi-device connectivity is.

When it comes to digital 2 way radios in Dallas for transportation, there are options that your business can utilize that allow your team members to use the device that suits their role. In fact, the report found that a number of different devices were being used to communicate to different degrees:

  • Two-way Radios: 36%
  • Smartphones: 38%
  • Landline Phones: 8%
  • Internet/IP Voice: 16%

According to the report, 75% of transportation and logistics workers use both or either two-way radios and smartphones to communicate. This demonstrates how important it is to have a system that integrates these two forms of communication. Furthermore, versatility is important to transportation workers and this is why WAVE Push-To-Talk is an effective solution to seamlessly integrate a variety of devices within the same system.

The WAVE Work Group Communications Push-To-Talk system not only connects you instantly at the push of a button, but it eliminates communication barriers by allowing all teams to use devices that serve their objectives best. At the same time, it allows for communication to occur seamlessly across departments with a singular network that a variety of different devices can use.

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Cell Phone Restrictions

On the other hand, according to the same report, 20% of Fortune 500 companies have policies prohibiting handheld and hands-free phone use altogether. The United States Department of Transportation also restricts drivers of commercial motor vehicles from holding a mobile device to make a call or dialing by pressing more than a single button.

With this in mind, instant communication solutions with push-to-talk and text-to-speech functionalities are necessary for the safety and regulatory compliance of a large number of roles within the transportation industry, especially warehouse and distribution centers.

Making the Transition from Analog to Digital

According to the report, over one-third of respondents have already made the transition and the other two-thirds have indicated intentions to transition to digital two-way radios in the next five years. Part of the reason transportation organizations are going digital is also heavily influenced by the Federal Communications Commission’s mandate that all radios must operate in 12.5 kHz channel spacing mode to be compliant with current regulations.

Not only are digital radios compliant with FCC and USDOT regulations but they offer instant benefits such as:

  • Intelligent audio to filter out background noise and ensure clear voice quality
  • Extended battery life up to 50% longer than analog radios
  • Intelligent applications, such as GPS tracking and indoor positioning
  • Added safety features like Man Down and Lone Worker to safeguard fleets on the road
  • Bluetooth for USDOT compliant hands-free communication
  • Up to 40% better coverage, boosting in-building and wide area coverage

Dallas Digital Two-Way Radios for Transportation Sectors

When it comes to Dallas digital 2 way radios for transportation, there are many systems that can adapt to the specific demands of sectors within the transportation industry. For example, warehouses and airports can easily go with a static solution. While taxis, trucking, and bus transportation sectors require a system meant for highly mobile applications. Transportation sectors that benefit from two-way radio solutions include:

  • Railways
  • Taxis
  • Distribution and long haul transportation
  • Courier company

Security Capabilities for Better Operations

This recent transportation and logistics report further studied the state of security within distribution sectors of the transportation industry. Time is always of the essence when it comes to delivering important and sometimes hazardous goods. This is why safety and security can be the difference between incidents and success. In the report, only 12% of respondents were able to utilize video surveillance analytics despite more than half of the respondents had access to surveillance footage.

Security features offered with two-way radio solutions include video surveillance, access control, incident dispatch, tracking, and reporting, as well as video analytics. Despite this, respondents reported the availability of these features in their current system as the following:

  • Video Surveillance: 60%
  • Access Control: 59%
  • Incident Dispatch, Tracking & Reporting: 58%
  • Video Analytics: 12%

Transportation Fleet Management

How does the shift to digital two-way radios relate to fleet management? Digital radios can help your team know exactly where your fleet is at with GPS tracking and instant crystal clear communications. Digital radios have the power to enable your transportation and logistics company to meet your daily needs while allowing scalability and adaptability for the future.

These particular solutions are highly suitable for taxi fleets, distribution, and even railway applications. The best solution is the Motorola XPR5000e Series, which offers:

  • Reliable location tracking
  • Hands-free communication
  • Remote control and radio management

GPS tracking can help determine the most efficient routes for team members. This is especially helpful for railway and distribution sectors within the transportation industry.
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