What to Look for in Two-Way Radios for Farming in Texas

What to Look for in Two-Way Radios for Farming in Texas

Two-way radios for farming in Texas are an absolute must to keep your farm running smoothly and efficiently. There is a wide range of agricultural operations in Texas, from crops to livestock. Having the ability to communicate with workers in the plant to workers in the field is crucial. 

Push-to-talk radios connect you instantly, improving operational safety and increasing productivity across the board. Not sure what you need to connect your team? Use our free Motorola Radio Selector for guidance on two-way radios for farming in Texas.

What to Look for in Motorola Two-Way Radios for Farming in Texas

Safety Features

When emergencies happen, two-way radios for farming in Texas help to coordinate a swift response. Built-in safety features like Man Down, Lone Worker, and one-push button alarms keep workers who are on the job alone or in remote areas safe, with technology that checks in on them. If someone doesn’t respond to an “alive check” or if the accelerometer detects that someone has fallen, the device triggers an alarm, sending for help instantly.   


Knowing the area that you want to cover will help determine the best farming two-way radios for you. Whether you are a small farm or a large operation, Motorola has you covered. 

Generally, a small farm can operate on a simplex system. This is the most straightforward form of radio-to-radio communications, operating on either an analog or a digital channel. It is generally used for small applications in a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or on a small construction site. 

For midsize operations, a conventional repeater can be added to the simplex system to improve signal range. This is a single repeater added on-site, and it’s range capabilities will be largely dependent on antenna positioning. 

Larger corporate farming operations can use MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect. This is a digital Two way radio system that can link up to 15 sites with a single repeater together.  

Battery Life

Depending on your needs, you may wish to sacrifice range for battery life. The higher the wattage of your Texas walkie talkies for farming, the lower their battery life. 

As a small rural farmer in a remote setting, you may need your battery to last up to 14 hours a day to ensure your safety and the safety of your team. So, you may prefer battery life over range. Make sure you consider all of the aspects of your communication needs before purchasing. We can help you assess all of these factors and guide you through a decision. 

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Leading Texas Farm Two-Way Radios   

Texas walkie talkies for farming need to connect you with your team, other operators, markets, and weather reports. Select from a range of rugged and durable portable and mobile units to outfit your entire fleet, including tractor radios in Texas.

Motorola XPR 3000e

Designed for the everyday worker, this portable radio is rugged enough to withstand everyday use in the farming industry. Your workers will no longer get distracted from a task to stay in touch. You can also expect the battery to last up to 28 hours, keeping you connected throughout the longest days. 

The XPR 3000e comes with IP67 waterproofing. This radio can be subjected to full water immersion for unexpected drops or weather events on the farm. HazLoc models are also available if your operations will have your workers and radios in hazardous environments.

Motorola CP200d

A simple solution, this portable two-way radio connects your workforce and sets you up to expand. This radio combines the latest analog and digital technology, giving you access to instant voice communication when you need it. You can select the analog-only model, a cost-effective solution to meet your communication needs today. And as you grow, you can easily upgrade to digital with a simple software upgrade. 

The CP200d is fully compatible with the MOTOTRBO family of radios and radio systems. This line features outstanding coverage, audio quality, and battery life. 

Motorola XPR 5000e

This is the mobile two-way radio your farm vehicles need to stay better connected, safer, and more productive. With Bluetooth technology, your drivers will always be hands-free. Integrated Wi-Fi enables over-the-air software updates. Your drivers’ mobile units can instantly be updated with mission-critical software from anywhere. GPS location tracking even lets you keep track of your fleet in real-time.

Farms of every size need to be able to communicate effectively across distances. With constant pressure to reduce operational costs, Texas farm two-way radios provide an affordable communications solution. Texas walkie talkies for farming can improve communications, leading to a safer and more productive workforce. 

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