Top Trends for Motorola Commercial Radios in Dallas

Top Trends for Motorola Commercial Radios in Dallas

One of the most important ways to help our customers find the right solutions for effective communications is by listening to their feedback and learning what they need. Technology solutions help with every level of business. From increased safety to improved efficiency and productivity in any industry. And then there’s digital mobile radio (DMR), which is changing the way that office and mobile teams are communicating.

It’s this need for excellence in communication that’s creating so much interest in DMR technology among our customers. These five trends are the driving force behind the demand for digital mobile two-way radio in Dallas.

1. More Capacity, Coverage, and Control  

With Motorola radio programming, Dallas customers are being kept up to date with revolutionized voice and data digital solutions. With MOTOTRBO Capacity Max, you’ll be able to take advantage of more capacity, coverage, and control in your radio system. With DMR, you’ll immediately increase the capacity of your radio system and scale even further in the future.  

With DMR, digital voice coverage is enhanced over the entire coverage area. Your team can communicate effectively without interference or distortion. This clarity can make all the difference in an emergency situation when clear communication can save lives.

Most digital radios can work with your existing analog fleet. You can transition your system over from analog to the efficiency and reliability of digital at your own pace and budget.

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2. Improved Team Communications  

Going digital improves Dallas team communication with Motorola commercial radios. Employees in the field and on the front line need to know that they can rely on their wireless communications without there being any boundaries or limitations. This includes the ability for WAVE communication solutions. Your team can stay connected across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, landlines, and two-way radios. 

Aerowave’s system design and engineering team have the knowledge to recommend and implement DMR Motorola Solutions radio programming across Dallas.

3. Provide Machine to Machine Communication

Innovative M2M (machine to machine) communication makes for a system that’s highly reliable in emergencies. It’s this digital capability to communicate M2M with large amounts of data that puts DMR in such high demand.

4. Added Value With Applications

Aerowave can help with two-way radio apps in Dallas. Customers can take advantage of the demand for a wide range of apps that complement the digital mobile radio system. This includes applications that can enhance safety and improve communications using voice consoles and specialized management tools.

5. Optimize Performance With Digital Two-Way Radios

Digital two-way radios are allowing for capabilities that Dallas customers want in Motorola commercial radios. There are numerous benefits for switching to DMR technology, including:

  • Longer battery life
  • Enhanced quality of audio input and output
  • Increased efficiency
  • Wider range of coverage


Digital used to be much more expensive than analog. It’s now become a highly affordable solution. Digital two-way radios also offer more capability over one channel. This allows for more people to communicate without the concern of interference and breach of privacy. 

Performance with digital two-way radios is improved even more with two-way radio apps. Dallas customers can also take advantage of the sales team at Aerowave. We understand the ins and outs of implementing digital communication solutions.

The Revolution of Digital Technology

Digital technology is improving both the performance and functionality of the way we communicate. No matter what business sector or industry our customers are in, we want to help teams improve performance with faster and smarter ways to communicate. 

Whether you’re protecting lives, performing a service, or manufacturing products, we care about our customers first. Providing the latest and greatest in digital mobile radios means that we’re doing our job by making a difference to the way our customers communicate. 

Need help deciding what two-way radio is right for your industry? Try our free Radio Selector Tool. Aerowave is a authorized Motorola Solutions channel partner and prides ourselves on excellent customer service for our Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, and Northern Texas customers, and we look forward to assisting you! Please feel free to contact us to help.

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