Safety and Security of Dallas Schools Depend on Motorola Radios

Safety and Security

As school shootings have increased over the last several years, Dallas school safety is a priority for students and staff. Security measures are important not just for the worst-case scenario but also for day-to-day operations.

Over 16 million kids are hurt at school every year; that’s almost 30% of the school population. If your security plan includes Motorola radio communications for schools in Dallas, you will be able to respond quickly in any situation and get help when you need it.

Daily Incidents

In a day, teachers and support staff may have to deal with any number of situations where having push-to-talk communication can save critical time. Every second counts when communicating during fire alarms, when fights break out, sports injuries occur, and students with behavioral challenges become aggressive or go missing, just to name a few.

If a student doesn’t return to class after lunch, a teacher can instantly check in with the office to see if they signed out sick or there is a cause for concern. Perhaps a student doesn’t return from the library on time, a press of a button connects you to the librarian who can send the student back.

Motorola radios for high schools in Dallas can connect individuals with the resources they need to quickly and efficiently resolve an issue before it becomes an emergency.

Critical Emergencies

No matter how well prepared you think you are, emergencies happen. Anything from an extreme weather event, like a storm or tornado, to the worst-case scenario of an active shooter.

Being prepared for the unimaginable can save lives, and Motorola radios for schools in Dallas are one of the best tools to have in your belt during a crisis. If a student becomes ill in the cafeteria, instead of having to run for help, you can push a button and connect to the nurse’s office. If the worst-case scenario becomes a reality, and a shooter enters your school, having Motorola radios for schools in Dallas can mean the difference between life or death.

MOTOTRBO Technology

Motorola MOTOTRBO™ is a specific line of products that delivers solutions for a wide range of situations. You will find a complete range of products and accessories in this line that suits your communication needs. From the equipment itself to the applications that power it, MOTOTRBO is the system that will let you bring digital communications from the classroom to the bus and anywhere else in between.

Take advantage of compact radios that are tough and reliable for daily use by teachers, with more durable models available for your maintenance staff, plus mounted mobile units for your bus fleet. There isn’t a team or situation that we can’t find the best radio for.
Supporting everything from legacy systems to the latest digital radio technology, MOTOTRBO is the best system available for seamlessly integrating a wide range of helpful technologies.

Keeping Schools Connected

Several systems are used to bring instant two-way radio to your Dallas school’s security, including:

Radio Systems
We can build an infrastructure that enables communication across your entire campus. Your radio system includes radios, repeaters, and other accessories to ensure everyone has a device, their communications are clear and heard across a large area, and they can communicate in the most comfortable way.

Capacity Plus
Capacity Plus works well for a single site and can quickly expand to up to 12,000 users. Instead of adding new frequencies, you can upgrade your capabilities simply and with a higher capacity than an analog system. You can integrate voice and data communications and issue additional radios during crises.

Capacity Max
When you want to integrate several locations, each with many users, Capacity Max is your solution. You can manage up to 250 unique sites with up to 3,000 users per site. It is adaptable to many situations and is a perfect solution when you are expecting significant growth.

IP Site Connect
IP Site Connect utilizes the internet to extend your coverage to remote sites, either locally or internationally. You have almost instant access to communications anywhere in the world and can connect up to 15 sites.

Aerowave Wide Area Coverage
If your school is in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area, Aerowave’s Wide Area Coverage is your solution. For a low monthly fee, you can use our infrastructure for reliable digital connectivity across the entire metropolitan area.

Education Solutions from Aerowave

Motorola radios for schools in Dallas are helping provide safety and security to educators and students. Being able to connect entire teams instantly, educators are better able to meet the needs of their students during times of crisis.

Visit Motorola Education for more information on how Motorola radios for schools in Dallas can improve your school’s security.

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