Best Selling Dallas Motorola Radio Accessories for Schools

Improving Student Safety with Dallas Motorola Radio Accessories for Schools

Two-way radios are easy to use. Simple design, large buttons, push to talk, release to listen. They’re a practical solution for people in many industries, including education.

But teachers still need both hands free to do their job. We want to help them focus on our kids, not worry about technology.

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Getting the most from a two-way radio usually means adding a few accessories, whether it’s a simple belt clip, long-lasting batteries or practical earpieces. Motorola creates two-way radios that are the best in the world, and their line of Motorola radio accessories for schools in Dallas are also state-of-the-art.

Teachers aren’t the only ones using two-way radio communications in schools, either. Other radio users include administrative employees working in the office, maintenance workers, recess monitors, and school bus drivers. Each of these people needs different accessories for optimal efficiency. People outside, for example, need earpieces with more advanced noise-canceling and weatherproofing, while bus drivers need DOT-compliant accessories.

A few questions to consider while deciding:

  • Who will be using this radio?
  • Average shift length determines what’s needed for battery life
  • Employees’ daily tasks determine if they need an earpiece for hands-free communication
  • Where will the radio communications equipment be used?
  • People working outdoors may need earpieces with rugged cables for weatherproofing
  • Radios used for events should be easy to carry with belt clips, and rugged in case of drops

Here are a few of the best-selling Motorola radio accessories for schools in Dallas:


Of course, batteries are an essential accessory for two-way radios. Motorola IMPRES batteries are the best on the market. Manufactured with high-quality parts, Motorola designed them for optimal efficiency. Smarter than the average battery, IMPRES batteries and chargers communicate to extend battery life and increases talk-time. An adaptive display also shows battery life, so you can be sure employees will stay connected.

Belt Clips

One of the easiest ways to make a Motorola two-way radio more convenient to carry is a belt clip. Durable, spring-action belt clips make it easy to reach for your radio. Or you can keep your radio secured and use an earpiece to talk on your radio hands-free. Ask the experts at Aerowave which belt clip will work with your new or existing two-way radios.


Motorola makes earpieces and headsets with several different industries in mind. Lightweight earpieces allow users to talk hands-free, and some models are even Bluetooth-enabled for wireless communications. For the easiest access to instant team communications, choose an earpiece that’s designed with push-to-talk (PTT). There are a variety of fits including over-the-ear, earbuds, in-ear acoustic tube earpieces, and Bluetooth wireless earpieces.


The charger is an essential accessory. Motorola manufactures both single-unit chargers and multi-unit chargers. IMPRES technology delivers a unique battery charger, and an industry-leading reconditioning solution, plus a sleek design to fit conveniently in many spaces.


We are proud of the services we provide to educators, and through that, support for students. Aerowave Technologies is a Dallas Motorola Two Way Radio Dealer with more than 20 years of experience serving the wireless needs of North Texas with Motorola digital radios and Dallas radio systems.

From the start, Aerowave has worked with schools to create voice and data communications solutions to help make their teachers and faculty members more efficient and most importantly, safer at work. Start building a custom solution for your business with our free wireless analysis. Our staff can provide personalized expertise on the best Motorola two-way radios and Motorola accessories.

Contact Aerowave Technologies today to get started.

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