Safety Features of Dallas Motorola Commercial Two-Way Radios

Many Business Require These Safety Features for their Dallas Motorola Commercial Two-Way Radios

For some jobs, safety is a major concern. Some people, especially in industrial or specific commercial enterprises, have jobs that expose them to a higher amount of risk. In other cases, the demands of a job take a worker far from any infrastructure or emergency services that can quickly respond if something goes wrong.

There are many limitations to relying on cellular phones for communication solutions in these situations, but there’s a much better alternative: Dallas Motorola two-way radios. Not only are Motorola radios more reliable to use than cellular solutions for wireless communication, but they are also safer.

There’s a whole suite of dedicated two-way radio safety features that Dallas Motorola digital radios incorporate. So, people who are exposed to more risk at work get the safety coverage they need day to day, and managers are assured that everyone gets home safe and sound.

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Top Dallas Motorola Safety Features

Dallas radio systems can be a great way for businesses to get more reliable voice and data communication than through cellular phones, but some organizations need an extra level of safety, such as:

  • Construction
  • Public works
  • Security
  • Transportation & Logistics

If your line of work requires hazardous conditions or other risk factors, then your workers will benefit from the reliability and efficiency of safety features for Dallas Motorola commercial two-way radios. But what makes a two-way radio a safer choice?

Lone Worker System

This application creates check-in intervals for people who are working alone on the job. The timer can be set for any duration you like, whether it is once every 5 or 30 minutes or once every hour. The lone worker feature uses the two-way radio system to check-in via a push-to-talk button to confirm their safety. Failure to do so initiates an alarm system that escalates and alerts a response group that can communicate with public safety if needed.

Man-Down System

This Dallas Motorola safety feature takes advantage of an accelerometer built into the radios themselves. The accelerometer detects movement and orientation. If a radio user is lying on the ground, horizontal, for a set of the time, the Man-Down Notifier system alerts the user. If the user fails to respond to the alert, an emergency call goes to response teams, while audio and visual alerts help locate the user.

Emergency Button

his feature can be implemented as a button on a portable or mobile radio with a foot-switch for vehicles. It sounds a loud alarm that can be heard in the area but also broadcasts an emergency signal to supervisors, with audio and visual alert beacons. This feature makes it easier to locate the person who needs aid.

Transmit Interrupt

When an emergency occurs, the communication priority is to “clear the line” and stop other non-essential communication from interfering with the crisis resolution. Transmit interrupt is one of the two-way radio safety features that enable this process, with both voice and emergency voice interrupt. It stops all talk and allows a supervisor to create emergency communications to groups or an individual involved in the situation.

GPS Location Tracking

One of the most useful features for tracking down an individual in need of aid is GPS location tracking. For Dallas commercial two-way radio safety, this gives supervisors the ability to narrow down the location on a worker in emergencies. Tracking can even be triggered with a MOTOTRBO™ device to specific conditions such as a door being opened and closed. This is useful for both emergency needs as well as keeping track of your team when you have many workers on the go and need location updates.

Alert Management

Dallas Motorola radio safety can be wired to not just specific devices but also specific activities. Tracking applications, when properly coordinated, can monitor doors, sprinklers, gates, and other mechanisms. So, when any unauthorized activity occurs, an alert is sent.

Bluetooth® Accessories

For maximum convenience, one of the more versatile two-way radio safety features is Bluetooth connectivity. This allows for the use of wireless accessories eliminates the worry of a core being caught in a machine or hearing protection not being worn because of being uncomfortable.

Make Your Team Safer Now

If you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your workers have all the protection that they need to do their jobs, it’s time to think about Dallas Motorola radio safety. Contact us with your needs, and we can find out which two-way radio safety features are the ones that you, your organization, and the people working within it would benefit from.

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