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AeroBOX Emergency Alert System

When you want to ensure that everyone goes home safe at the end of the day, you need the best two-way radio emergency alert system in Dallas. AeroBOX is an emergency alert system that allows you to broadcast alerts across all your locations, without anyone needing to retrieve a phone, mobile device, or radio to get the message.

Everyone needs to be immediately alerted to emergencies no matter where they are or what work they’re performing on the job site. Learn more about how AeroBOX works here.

Critical Emergency Response Communication Solutions

The AeroBOX Emergency Alert System helps your entire team stay safe and secure in the event of security issues, impromptu evacuations, and dangerous weather events. It can be customized to your business in order to keep your employees and customers safe at all times.

AeroBOX is ideal for emergency alert broadcasts, such as:

  • Fires and active shooter situations
  • Workplace accidents and medical emergencies
  • Natural disasters, such as tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes
  • Emergency evacuations involving power outages or hazardous chemicals
  • Amber alerts and 911 service

The best way to respond to an emergency is to prepare for it before it happens. Few individuals can think clearly in a crisis, so it is important to have procedures in place in advance when you have time to be thorough.

With an AeroBOX, two-way radio emergency alert system in Dallas in place, everyone in the facility has access to emergency notifications quickly when critical events occur. No one needs a personal device to get a message about on-location emergencies.

Do a hazard assessment of all of your work sites to determine what physical or chemical hazards could cause an incident or emergency, and then develop an action plan for each site.

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Easy to Install and Configure

The AeroBOX is designed for indoor and outdoor use and can be mounted on nearly any surface. Our team will customize a two-way radio emergency alert system in Dallas based on your facility size, personnel, and budget.

Since every second counts in an emergency situation, optimizing your system is critical. Your emergency alerts can be customized by:

  • Broadcasting information in a single location or multiple locations
  • Notifying everyone about the emergency
  • Providing instructions for how to proceed
  • Delivering company protocols to keep everyone safe and secure

AeroBOX sends simultaneous alerts from all boxes on your campus or facility. It can be easily upgraded, tested, and maintained so that the system is always ready in an emergency. Battery backup systems ensure that notifications will go out even in a power loss.

You need to properly train all employees, especially if there is a risk for potential injury. Our team will help train your team with the AeroBOX system so that everyone can operate the two-way radio emergency alert system in Dallas effectively and safely.

Providing written instructions and safe work procedures is also advantageous to employees, so they can check when they are unsure of a task or have forgotten an aspect of their training. By providing the correct training for your employees, you will increase everyone’s safety during any unpredictable, dangerous event.

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Safety is Always a Priority

Injuries, hazards, and dangerous situations can have an incredibly negative impact on an employee and affect your business’s bottom line. By preventing dangerous events from becoming worse, you can protect your entire organization with a comprehensive approach to workplace safety.  

In addition to providing an emergency response unit such as AeroBOX, you can increase your workplace safety by examining your industry standards, providing open communication with your workers’ concerns, implementing health initiatives, and creating a culture of safety.

A safer environment is better for everyone, with safe and healthy workplaces benefiting from:

  • More satisfied, productive workers
  • Retaining reliable employees
  • Establishing positive community relations
  • Creating employee loyalty to your organization


Make worker safety a priority at every level of your organization, and you can significantly improve the comfort and security of your employees. Creating a system with AeroBOX that provides the best level of communication will provide your organization with the tools they need to feel safe in their environment at all times.

With the best emergency two-way radios in Dallas, we’ll help you build an effective, easy-to-use alert system that keeps your business safe. We bring 20 years of experience serving the safety needs of Dallas businesses and can help you bring peace of mind to your employees and your management staff with AeroBOX.

To learn more about how AeroBOX pairs with your existing radio systems, visit our product page here. We also have a large Product Catalog featuring Motorola digital two-way radios, in-vehicle mobile radios, and MOTOTRBO systems to support all of your Dallas radio communication needs.

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