A Quick Guide to Getting a Dallas FCC Two-Way Radio License

Operating Your Two Way Radio

If you’re operating with a two-way radio system in Dallas, you might already be aware of FCC licensing and why you need it. One of the most common questions radio users ask is, “Do I need to have an FCC license to use my two-way radio?”

The answer is, “yes.” In order to operate your two-way radio, it will need to transmit on frequencies that are regulated by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). You’ll need to purchase a license so that the FCC can monitor how many people are using the frequency and their purpose for two-way radio communication.

The good news is that we can help. When you purchase your professional two-way radios from us, Aerowave can handle all of the paperwork for you. Here’s what else you need to know about FCC license requirements for two-way radios in Dallas.

Dallas – FCC Two-Way Radio License

FCC licensing can be confusing. There seem to be so many components to applying for a license. Aerowave is here to break down the facts so that you can understand what FCC licensing is all about.

Why Do You Need an FCC License?

Businesses that use a two-way radio system need to rely on radio frequencies for communication. When you apply for a license, the FCC will assign an unused frequency to you for your use exclusively. This means that your business is licensed to use that frequency, with other businesses in the area having its own frequency.

What is Narrowbanding?

Narrowbanding refers to the FCC plan to increase the available bandwidth for both communication systems and other radio users. In order to accomplish this, the FCC mandated that all UHF and VHF business and industries using 25 kHz portable and mobile radios move to a narrowband 25 kHz efficiency by January 1, 2013. After this time, all current licensees would have to be fully operational on 12.5 kHz equipment.

What is Spectrum Efficiency?

UHF and VHF frequency channels are often busy and congested – this means that there’s not enough availability for businesses or organizations who have an FCC license to expand or update their current system. Spectrum efficiency is a mandate that requires these FCC license holders to operate with more voices across their existing frequency or to use narrower bandwidths. This regulation makes room for new two-way radio users who require FCC licensing.

Will Migration to 12.5 kHz Change Your System Coverage Area?

Many industrial business owners are concerned that narrowbanding requirements and moving to a 12.5 kHz frequency will have an effect on their current coverage area. The answer is that it might. Let Aerowave help you by testing your two-way radio system to see if your coverage has remained the same. You may be required to update to get the same coverage you had before.

How to Get FCC License for Two-Way Radios in Dallas

To apply for an FCC license, you’ll need to provide information about your business and radio service network.

FFC Requirements – Two-Way Radio in Dallas

Unsure of how to get an FCC license for two-way radios in Dallas? To apply for your license, the FCC will require some information about you and your business. This is another area that Aerowave can help with, by taking care of the complexities of licensing and filing FCC forms.

What Information Does the FCC Require?

The FCC requires some specific information from you in order to proceed with the licensing application:

  • Business name and address
  • Federal tax ID (if available)
  • Number of two-way radios you’re purchasing or have in use
  • Latitude and longitude of business operations

For larger network systems, the FCC will also require this information:

  • Tower heights
  • Repeaters
  • Base stations

Is my FCC license valid?
For FCC license requirements for two-way radios, Dallas Aerowave customers can reach out to us with any questions or concerns. One valid concern that many of our customers have is how will they know if they have a valid FCC license. If you’re unsure if your FCC license is valid, you can contact any certified frequency coordinator. Not sure where to find one? The FCC website has a full list of coordinators for you to contact.

FCC Licensing Assistance

Get in touch with us here at Aerowave. We’re glad to help in Dallas with any FCC two-way radio license information. We can also show you what you can expect in a wide-area radio network, so you know exactly what to expect with FCC licensing and your Motorola Solutions two-way radio system.

Are you ready for FCC licensing in Dallas? FCC two-way radio license information is what we’re here for. Contact Aerowave today so that we can help you start the process of applying for your FCC license.

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