5 Reasons to Choose Digital Two-Way Radios in Dallas

5 Reasons to Choose Digital Two-Way Radios in Dallas

Digital two-way radios in Dallas have been a trusted communication tool for decades. Their popularity continues to grow as the technology powering them advances. With regulatory pressures, radio voice and data communications are making the leap from analog to digital communications. In fact, some legislators are mandating that no new designs of two-way radios can be certified unless they have digital capability.

The future of two-way radios in Dallas is digital. Digital radios in Dallas offer so many advantages over analog that even without legislation, it’s a good idea to consider migrating now. Consider our top five reasons why digital two-way radios are the choice for Dallas businesses.

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1. Better Voice Clarity

Digital two-way radios in Dallas provide greater voice quality than old analog radio system options. Technological advancements have improved the user’s ability to hear clear messages on their digital radios in Dallas. Unlike analog, which picks up and transmits every sound it hears, digital technology focuses on your voice and ignores the noise going on around you. Intelligent Audio is built into a number of radios, which monitors the level of background noise and adjusts the volume accordingly. It will increase the speaker volume in loud environments and decrease the speaker volume when it’s quieter.

Static caused by radio interference is also a thing of the past when you upgrade to digital two-way radios in Dallas. Voices on an analog system can get lost under static, wasting both time and money when messages need to be repeated or are misinterpreted altogether. Digital radios come equipped with automatic error correction. This rebuilds sounds and maintains the voice clarity, even if a signal is badly corrupted, getting your message across when you need it.

2. Better Coverage

Radio signals grow fainter once the device moves away from the transmit point. However, analog radio quality degrades much more quickly than digital. At the far ends of the coverage area, digital radios have a built-in error correction to eliminate static, background noise, and distortion. Voice calls are heard clearly over a greater range than analog systems.

Users of digital two-way radios do not experience as much loss of transmission as analog users. You can trust digital radios to maintain voice integrity over the entire coverage area, producing 25% to 40% better coverage than analog-based radio systems.

3. Better Capacity

Digital is so efficient with its bandwidth that it can accommodate two completely separate “channels” in one 12.5 kHz channel. Digital radios operate in Dual Capacity Direct Mode (DCDM), meaning that radios can share the same channel by rapidly alternating time slots. You can make efficient use of your radio spectrum by immediately doubling the capacity of your existing 12.5 kHz channel. Therefore, digital two-way radios minimize your licensing costs as your business continues to grow.

4. Extended Battery Life

Your business needs digital portable radios in Dallas with batteries that last. Digital technology is much more efficient than analog, reducing battery drain while increasing talk time. Both analog and digital radios use roughly the same amount of power in standby mode, but once you start transmitting, digital radios use far less energy. Digital radio efficiency makes them ideal for frequent users who rely on their radios to last for their entire shift. Some radio batteries reach upwards of 24 hours before they need to be charged.

5. Added Features

When you upgrade to digital mobile radios in Dallas, you get access to many advanced features. Built-in safety features, like Man Down, will set off an alert if the radio is left horizontal for a set amount of time. You can also take advantage of Push-to-Talk Identification (PTTID), which identifies users and lets you know who you are talking to.

On top of exceptional built-in features, you can add applications to enhance the functionality of your radio system.

Motorola also offers the Team Communications via WAVE Work Group Communications solution, helping users of digital mobile radios in Dallas communication with office-based teams. WAVE facilitates wireless communications between smartphones, laptops, landlines, tablets, handhelds, and two-way radios. No matter the device, all the members of your team can stay connected, which is critical for safety and productivity.

With all of these great features to improve your communications, upgrading to digital two-way radios will make your employees safer and your job easier.

To learn more about the Digital two way radios for your business in Dallas, contact us at Aerowave Technologies. We are an Authorized Motorola Solutions radio dealer and Service Center specializing in two-way radio networks , BDA systems and wireless communications in the Dallas, Central and Northern Texas.

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