Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Nitro

Built for Demanding Workplace Environments in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex, Aerowave is proud to introduce MOTOTRBO Nitro – technology that is purpose-built for your business. With its high-fidelity audio, enterprise-grade private broadband, 24/7/365 support, predictive network monitoring, and simple-to-deploy infrastructure, Nitro is a powerful tool to help your business thrive. See how boosting your network with Nitro can elevate your workplace productivity, efficiency, and safety.

As the Premier Motorola Radio Dealer in Dallas, Aerowave is helping to boost productivity and safety for our customers. We’re able to offer a wide range of Motorola two-way radios in Dallas to help you create the ideal team communications solution for your business.


MOTOTRBO Nitro for Dallas Manufacturing Operations

At a manufacturing facility, Wi-Fi and cellular data can be inadequate. With so much metal and heavy machinery in the workplace environment, even the most traditional radio network coverage can be problematic – putting your team’s safety and productivity at risk.

MOTOTRBO Nitro provides your bustling facility with custom coverage to put your Wi-Fi problems behind you, and puts actionable intelligence in the hands of your workers, instantly. Leverage your Nitro network to deliver IIoT data and other machine automation processes, so when a machine breaks down, key personnel will be notified.

Maximize uptime by taking photos and videos of broken machines and sending real-time video to an expert to get your facility back up and running. Enhance the perimeter security by connecting your Nitro network to security cameras across the premises. Boost the productivity of your entire manufacturing operations with MOTOTRBO Nitro — the fully-managed platform that combines business-critical voice with private broadband data.

MOTOTRBO Nitro for Dallas Hotels & Hospitality

For large hotels and theme park attractions in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex, Wi-Fi and cellular data can often become saturated due to guests leveraging the enterprise network. That means the safety, security, and overall productivity of your workplace can be put at risk simply because the communication efficiency of your workers has been compromised.

MOTOTRBO Nitro will provide your resort with a single network – taking voice communications and data collection across your workplace operations to new heights. Work order ticketing, emergency calls, and instant communication ensure complete satisfaction for all guest requests. Enhance guest and worker safety by connecting your Nitro network to capture both photos and videos around your business. Reach five-star readiness with Nitro – converging business-critical voice with lightning-fast data.

MOTOTRBO Nitro for Dallas Transportation & Logistics

In the transportation and logistics industry, on-time arrival and departure is imperative to business success. But environments can be dangerous – surrounded by fuel trucks and heavy machinery. And traveling passengers can congest Wi-Fi and cellular coverage. Avoiding delays can be a challenge.

Let MOTOTRBO Nitro help keep your deliveries on track. Experience enhanced data coverage on the tarmac, at the loading docks, and in the airport. Nitro is capable of handling images, automating the scanning and distribution process, tracking assets, and more – all from a single voice and data network. It can even enhance the safety and security of your operations by wirelessly connecting with the cameras in and around your business. Boost your operations to new heights and keep the flow of passengers and goods seamless by converging business-critical voice with lightning-fast data.

MOTOTRBO Nitro for Dallas Universities

On college campuses, everyone from teachers and campus security to administration workers and more – is using a multitude of different communications devices. In addition, with so many students on campus Wi-Fi and other cellular networks can easily become congested in times of emergency, putting the safety and security of students and educators at risk.

MOTOTRBO Nitro provides universities with a single voice and data network. With Nitro, operations-critical communications amongst teachers and security officers runs on a private network will and no longer be susceptible to Wi-Fi congestion created by students. Safety and security on and around campus can be taken to new heights by leveraging the Nitro network to connect wireless video across stadiums, dormitories, and other on-campus buildings. Converging business-critical voice with lightning-fast data, Nitro helps your students and staff concentrate on their futures – so students can stay focused on their studies, teachers can stay focused on their students, and schools can continue to stay safe.

Contact Aerowave Technologies today to learn more about the two-way radio and digital communications solutions we offer and how we can help design and engineer a solution that will meet your organization’s unique and specific communications needs.

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