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Your communications equipment is critical for your organization. Which is why it’s important that when things go wrong, your repair needs receive prompt attention. We offer a wide range of services, at Aerowave Technologies, to help you get your radios and other wireless systems back up and running as quickly as possible. That is because we understand how much your business, your organization, or your agency relies on fast access to reliable communication.

Whether you need an initial installation of equipment, routine maintenance, or repair services, our goal is to meet your needs as efficiently and conveniently as possible. Not only have we created an online form to help you get the information to use about your repair needs 24/7, we also have a convenient Waco location where repairs are made and field services teams that can come to you to repair essential systems.

Through our partnership with Motorola, we are able offer factory parts for our repair services and have undergone extensive education, training, and testing on the radios and communications solutions we offer.

Aerowave Technologies is a local-owned, woman-owned, HUB-certified business serving the communications technology needs of Texas businesses for 20 years. We offer the latest radios, systems, and innovative tools to offer prompt and efficient repairs for all the equipment we sell.

Contact Aerowave Technologies today to learn all about the various radios we offer, including Motorola MotoTRBO digital radios, Hytera radios, and more as well as our unique, custom-created communications solutions for Waco, Dallas and Fort-Worth, Texas businesses, industries, government organizations, and public safety agencies. Be sure to schedule your service repairs online with our convenient form.

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