Motorola MOTOTRBO™Capacity Max for Large System Requirements in Texas

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Wireless Solutions for the Largest Radio Users

Overview of Capacity Max

Motorola Capacity Max is the best big business solution. Capacity Max provides in-building coverage, plus wide-area coverage. It connects 250 sites with 3,000 users per site. When your business has this many people relying on Motorola two-way radios, a repeater isn’t enough. Capacity Max is the backbone of your wireless system.

It may seem like a huge number of people, but a lot of industry businesses benefit from Capacity Max, for example:

  • Transportation companies, including airlines, trains and trucking
  • Large manufacturing plants
  • Oil and Gas plants and teams working in the field
  • College and university campuses and K-12 school districts
  • Large hotels or resorts

Capacity Max Offers Control

Excellent coverage is just one part of the Capacity Max system. Centralized system control features give management complete visibility of their team. This is especially useful for multi-department businesses who need to coordinate many moving parts. With Capacity Max, you have tools to manage the organization, monitor talk groups and accomplish company-wide efficiency. Oil & Gas companies can seamlessly share data between workers in the office and in the field or transportation companies can make educated dispatch decisions, using GPS technology. Software updates are also centralized, so you can be sure your teams, your drivers or your staff are using optimized portable and mobile two way radios. In fact, Capacity Max itself seamlessly integrates with MOTOTRBO systems via a software update.

Capacity Max Offers Safety

Capacity Max protects your data with features like encryption and secure authentication. For even more control, if a radio is lost or stolen, you can remotely disable it. Capacity Max also supports Motorola’s best-selling MOTOTROBO two-way digital radios. Every radio user can access push-to-talk (PTT) technology, up-to-date data and stay connected with safety features like Lone Worker or Man Down. Publicly-accessible areas, like schools, hotels and resorts, should have safety plans in place in case of an emergency. Two way radios allow an immediate response, group emergency messaging and some models feature prominent orange emergency call buttons to initiate a pre-programmed response. Plus, with rugged two way radios available, employees working in harsh environments like manufacturing plants, can rely on MOTOTRBO radios to keep them safe and connected.

Capacity Max Offers Scalability

Capacity Max is flexible, giving users control over optional features and site support, so you can update communications as your business grows. Businesses in transportation, manufacturing and hospitality want flexibility, to make future expansions possible. Capacity Max connects 250 sites with 3,000 users per site and the system can support up to 6 data repeaters, for increasing data communications. On top of that, Capacity Max is compatible with a variety of Motorola MOTOTRBO two-way radios. Motorola continues to advance radio technology, and these are some of the best professional two-way radios on the market. Capacity Max is the wireless solution for your businesses now, and the solution for your businesses’ future.

Get Started with Aerowave

Aerowave Technologies is proud to be a certified Motorola two way radio dealer and partner. We’ve got more than 20 years of experience helping Waco, Dallas, Fort Worth and North Texas businesses, school districts and government agencies succeed with wireless communications like Capacity Max. We’re the experts, so we’re passing on what we know to help you build your best system with Aerowave’s Radio Selector. Answer a few questions and we’ll show you the best solutions for your business.

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