Flat Rate Repairs

No repair cost guesswork! One set fee covers all the time and materials necessary to return your radio to original operating condition. We not only repair what is not functioning properly, we also perform preventative maintenance to keep your radio operating at top performance. Any radio damaged by liquid, chemicals, misuse, or acts of God will be repaired at the normal time and material rate. Replacement of case parts, antennas, batteries and other accessories will be billed separately.

Block Rate Repairs

Eliminate the hassle of generating a purchase order or writing a check for individual repairs and get a discounted rate at the same time. With Block Rate you simply prepay the discounted rate for a block of repairs (5, 10 or 20). Send your broken radios to Aerowave and get back a repaired radio with no flat rate or repair parts charges. We’ll keep you informed of your repair balance. As with Flat Rate, repair charges for non-covered case parts and accessories will be billed separately.

Radio Maintenance Program

A Radio Maintenance Agreement lets you know, in advance, what your radio repair expenditures will be – without hidden or unexpected costs. Let us tailor a Radio Maintenance Program to fit your needs. Rates start as low as $5.00 per month per radio.

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